Tips to Pass 600-101 Facebook Certified Community Manager Exam

Tips to Pass 600-101 Facebook Certified Community Manager Exam

The Facebook Certified Community Manager is a certification program offered by Facebook to individuals who want to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in managing and building online communities on the Facebook platform. To earn this certification, individuals must pass the Facebook 600-101 exam, which is designed to test their knowledge and skills in areas such as community strategy, content creation and management, engagement and growth, and community analysis and reporting.

To prepare for the Facebook 600-101 exam, it is recommended that individuals have a strong understanding of the Facebook platform and its features and tools, as well as experience in managing online communities and using social media for business purposes. It is also a good idea to practice online Facebook Certified Community Manager 600-101 practice exam to check your preparation level.

Check the free 600-101 practice exam online.

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1. The only community manager of a Brazilian national football fan group with 2 million members needs support to ensure content is on topic. The community manager notices an increase of spam videos in other languages in the group.

Which three options should the community manager use to keep the group relevant? (Choose 3)

2. The community manager of a professional networking group hosts an annual in-person event. The community needs to rapidly transition the event to an online environment.

What should the community manager do to keep people engaged during the online event?

3. A toddler milk formula company with a large community asks the community manager to help due to low community engagement.

Parents join the community for support and to create connections with other parents. However, most members are disengaged.

What should the community manager do to increase meaningful connections among members in the closed group?

4. A private institution that educates about political issues runs a public Facebook group to increase awareness of the importance of politics for young adults (ages 18-25). The goal is to promote healthy debate.

Which two strategies should its community manager implement to help achieve this goal? (Choose 2)

5. There's an online community that primarily supports single parents. The leadership team notices more parent narratives of isolation. One of the top priorities of the community is to connect parents who are geographically close.

What can the community manager do to help create connections between lonely parents?

6. A personal trainer wants to grow their online presence. To generate more leads, they create a Facebook Page, a Facebook group and an Instagram profile.

However, the trainer struggles to manage this social media marketing, because of the time required to create content and promote each platform. The results are simply not worth the investment of time. The Instagram profile generates the most reach, while the Facebook group gets the most engagement. The trainer contacts a community manager for help to determine which of the platforms to focus on.

Which critical piece of information does the community manager need to make this decision?

7. 1.A hair salon supplier wants to create an online community to boost online store sales. The goal is to track trends and showcase products.

Their mission is to become the leading source for style inspiration, which requires them to stay at the forefront of a fast-moving industry and maintain appeal among a mass audience.

On which set of KPIs should the community manager focus?

8. It's April, and Earth Day is approaching. A parenting group has shown interest in sustainability, so the community manager brainstorms new ideas to engage the community.

What are the two most efficient steps for the community manager to take to inform campaign planning? (Choose 2)

9. A local museum is opening a new exhibition. The museum director asks the community manager to use social media to generate excitement for the new exhibition. The community manager runs an organic campaign on Facebook through a mix of influencer posts, visitor testimonials and press quotes.

Which approach should the community manager use to measure how well received the exhibition was?

10. A community manager runs a Facebook group for people who have challenged themselves to refrain from drinking alcohol for 30 days.

The group has grown organically over two years after the founder completed a 30-day challenge and invited people to join. The group now has includes over 3,000 members who use it as a resource for tips, guidance and support as they take on the challenge.

The community manager wants to make the group the recognized source for support.

Which step should the community manager take first?



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