Jira Cloud Administrator ACP-120 Training Questions

Jira Cloud Administrator ACP-120 Training Questions

Are you looking to become a certified Jira Cloud Administrator? Then the ACP-120 exam is just what you need! If you’re looking to ace the ACP-120 exam, then you’re in luck! Our recent release of the Jira Cloud Administrator ACP-120 Training Questions are the perfect tool to help you prepare and achieve success on exam day.

The Jira Cloud Administrator ACP-120 Training Questions are designed to test your knowledge and skills in administering and configuring Jira Cloud instances. With the help of this exam questions, you’ll be able to assess your understanding of Jira Cloud and identify any areas where you need further study. One of the key benefits of the ACP-120 practice exam is that it simulates the real exam environment. This means that you’ll have a good understanding of what to expect on exam day, and you’ll be better prepared to answer questions and perform tasks in the same time frame.

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1. Which three statements are correct about deleting a user account (Choose three)

2. Currently, several groups and project robs are listed in every system event of the DEV Notification Scheme and should remain that way. A new requirement states that when DEV issues move from the status Open to status Assigned, only Project Rob (Managers) should be notified. DEV project does not share any of its schemes.

Identify the event that needs to be configured.

A. Custom event

B. Issue Moved

C. Issue Assigned

D. Work Started On Issue

3. Access is restricted only to your organization

Which solution meets these requirements? (Choose one)

4. Users have been adding sensitive information into the Description field of issues in a particular project. You must secure the project by any means necessary so that only members of the Managers group can view the contents of the Description field.

Which approach will definitively satisfy this requirement? (Choose one)

5. A team in your company requests a new Jira project that fulfills the following requirements:

• Ability to work on issues in weekly iterations

• Allows the project administrators to create their own fields

The project should fulfill these requirements right after creation without the need to enable additional features.

Which project should you create?

A. A company-managed project with Kanban template

B. Company-managed project with Scrum template

C. Team-managed project with Canban template

D. Team-managed project with Scrum template

6. Carlos describes his problem in the classic HR project

● He cannot attach files to issues of Request issue type when they are in the Approved status

● He can attach files to issues of Request issue type in any other status

● He can attach files to every other issue issue type in every status

He asks for your help in determining the root cause Select the root cause (Choose one)

7. Billie needs to perform various restricted tasks in the system. You must decide whether to grant her site admin or organization admin privileges.

Identify two reasons why you must make her an organization admin (Choose two)


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