Certified Payroll Professional CPP-Remote Dumps Guide

Certified Payroll Professional CPP-Remote Dumps Guide

Certified Payroll Professional CPP-Remote Dumps Guide is designed by experts to help for your CPP exam preparation. The CPP exam is designed for experienced payroll professionals, managers, and supervisors. It places emphasis on higher-level skills, including management and payroll systems. These Certified Payroll Professional CPP-Remote Dumps Guide can help you clear your doubts and prepare for the exam, so that you can prepare and pass the CPP-Remote exam on your first try.

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1. Which of the following is an example of a system production control technique?

2. Which of the following would probably not require an electronic interface from the payroll/human resources system?

3. Employee Cindy's employer remits to her payment of $620 in 2009 for substantiated meal expenses she incurred while moving from her old residence to her new work location.

How should this reimbursement be reported on Cindy's 2009 federal W-2?

4. The final due date for the second quarter Form 941, assuming that the employer paid all taxes on time is:

5. What does the following journal entry represent? Debit State Unemployment Tax Payable $6,340.00 Credit Cash $6,340.00?

6. What is the purpose of the payroll accrual entry?

7. Which of the following statements is CORRECT regarding a federal tax levy?

8. 1.Which of the following does NOT represent a deductible business expense?

9. From which of the following taxes are statutory workers' compensation payments exempt?

10. Use of which of the following contributes to the security of the payroll system?


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