Download FBAP_002 Dumps To Pass Pure Storage FlashBlade Certified Architect Professional Exam

Download FBAP_002 Dumps To Pass Pure Storage FlashBlade Certified Architect Professional Exam

To pass the FBAP_002 Pure Storage FlashBlade Certified Architect Professional Exam on the first attempt, you need to prepare fully preparation with the right study learning materials. FreeTestShare offers you 100% real FBAP_002 Dumps with real questions and answers to help you 100% pass on the first try. These FBAP_002 Dumps help you know more about the real exam structure.  With the help of the FBAP_002 Dumps, you can fully prepare for the actual exam. It is recommended that you review all the questions and answers included in this FBAP_002 Dumps to get a sense of the questions that will be asked and pass your exam successfully.

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1. A customer’s application runs slowly on their HDFS cluster. The customer is only using a small subset of the data on the cluster.

What is causing the issue?

2. The customer requires the use of 4 LAGs

What is the minimum number of cables required?

3. A FlashBlade is designed with a properly implemented single 4x40Gb/s LAG.

During implementation, the architect is informed that the ISL on the uplink switches in broken. The customer has no budget to repair or replace it .

What should the architect do?

4. For auditing and security purposes, a customer needs to lock down the ‘pureuser’. Each storage admin must log in with their own account.

Which command should the architect run first after all external preparations have been completed?

5. 1.A developer of a business-critical application is concerned about system reliability when it comes to a IO resistance.

An architect needs to explain the FlashBlade write mechanism and address three main concerns:

- Data location when FlashBlade acknowledge a write

- Number of created data copies before FlashBlade acknowledges a write

- Blade failure resilience

When does write acknowledgement happen?


An oil company moves geological data between their offices in Dubai and Houston for redundancy. The data is accessed via NFS mounts on a cluster of three 10GB connected Linux servers at each location.

A series of cron jobs are leveraged to replicate data from data storage pool A in Dubai to data storage B in Houston and from data storage A in Houston to data storage pool B in Dubai.

Data in storage pool A is read-write, updated by 50 cellular connected data collector running in the field, and deleted after 30 days.

Data in the storage pool B is read-only, queried by the firm’s analytics team, and copied to a cloud-based archive repository every 30 days.

The total amount of data in pool A in Dubai is 1.5PB

The total amount of data in pool B in Houston is 500TB

The data is not expected to grow in the next 12 months and is compressed by the application.

Which configuration should the architect present to meet this customer needs?

7. A customer has an application that needs to prioritize speed for untrusted applications to put large numbers of files on an NFS export .

Which NFS Export options should be used?

8. After revising Cloud-First strategy, a customer’s CFO asks an architect to recommend which workloads should be moved to FlashBlade.

Which two workloads will be successful on FlashBlade? (Select two.)

9. A company has a datacenter with a lot of electromagnetic interference. Their switches are 9m away from the FlashBlade and do NOT support speed faster than 10Gb/s.

Which cable should the architect use?

10. A customer is architecting a new distributed application in their datacenter.

Which network device should be used for optimal network performance?


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