Free Access To Hitachi HCE-5920 Practice Exam Questions

Free Access To Hitachi HCE-5920 Practice Exam Questions

Want to pass Hitachi HCE-5920 exam? Hitachi Vantara Certified Specialist – Pentaho Data Integration Implementation exam certifies that the successful candidate has knowledge, skills and abilities to implement and support Pentaho Data Integration solutions. Here we have valid HCE-5920 practice exam providing with actual questions and correct answers to ensure that you can pass Hitachi HCE-5920 exam in the first try. We ensure that you can pass HCE-5920 Hitachi Vantara Certified Specialist – Pentaho Data Integration Implementation exam and achieve your certification easily and successfully.

To help you prepare for the exam, take a free HCE-5920 practice test.

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1. You are developing the PDI solution for a customer. The customer requires that a set of SQL statements are executed on each connection to the database.

Which method will satisfy this requirement?

2. You need to perform a union of two data flows in a PDI transformation. You plan on having one step receive the two hops from the different flows.

Which two statements are true in this scenario? (Choose two.)

3. You want to manage a slowly changing dimension as type II.

Which step in PDI should you use to accomplish this task.

4. You need to process data on the nodes within a Hadoop cluster. To accomplish this task, you write a mapper and reducer transformation and use the Pentaho MapReduce entry to execute the MapReduce job on the cluster.

In this scenario, which two steps are required within the transformations? (Choose two.)

5. When deploying your work lo the Pentaho server, which configuration Me should you review to ensure that the environment variable information is moved correctly?

6. You are installing a Pentaho server and you decide to use a responsibility database other than Postgres.

Which two database are supported in this configuration? (Choose two.) Choose 2 answers

7. Which script will execute jobs stored in a Pentaho server from a command line?

8. The log files on a Pentaho server rotate daily and are getting too large. You want to change want logs to rotate hourly.

How do you adjust the log settings?

9. You have slow-running steps in a PDI transformation and you notice that it is taking a long time for subsequent steps to get data and begin processing.

Which action will help solve the problem?

10. A Big Data customer is experiencing failures on a Table input step when running a PDl transformation on AEL Spark against a large Oracle database.

What are two methods to resolve this issue? (Choose two.)


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