Free Online ACA Cloud Computing ACA-Cloud1 Exam Questions

Free Online ACA Cloud Computing ACA-Cloud1 Exam Questions

You can try free online ACA Cloud Computing ACA-Cloud1 exam questions to prepare for your ACA Cloud Computing Certification Exam. Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate (ACA – Alibaba Cloud Certification Associate) is a certification designed for personnel who can use Alibaba Cloud Computing products. It covers all of Alibaba Cloud’s core products from computing, storage, networking to security. We new updated the latest ACA Cloud Computing ACA-Cloud1 exam questions, which are the best material to help you pass your Alibaba ACA-Cloud1 exam easily.\

Try free ACA-Cloud1 practice exam to assess yourself.

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1. Cloud disks are reliable because they use_________to provide block-level data storage forECS instances, ensuring 99.9999999% data reliability.

2. A company wants to migrate its system to public cloud platform and they choose Alibaba Cloud. The migration process is very important and they want to ensure that everything works right.

Which of the following services can the company choose?

3. You can retrieve data directly from an ECS Image and use it right away.

4. Anti-DDoS is one of the major features in Alibaba Cloud Security Service. Many websites have experienced different types of DDoS attacks, an accurate understanding of DDoS is crucial to protecting websites.

Which of the following descriptions about DDoS attack is the most accurate one?

5. ECS is a highly flexible service. It can be used independently as a simple web server, or used with otherAlibaba Cloud products, such as OSS and CDN, to provide advanced solutions. ECS can be used in applications such as: (Choose four.)

6. Server Load Balancer supports protocols like. (Choose four.)

7. You can create a custom image for ECS using which of the followings? (Choose two.)

8. RDS provides whitelist access policies. You can set permitted IP addresses and IP network segments to effectively prevent hackers from attacking the server by port scanning.

9. Alibaba Cloud provides powerful security services (the same level of security services used to support Alibaba Group double 11 shopping festival). However, you have to pay first before using any of the security services.

10. Which of the following statements is wrong when comparing RDS with self-built database?


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