Free UXQB Foundation Level CPUX-F Exam Questions

Free UXQB Foundation Level CPUX-F Exam Questions

The certificate “UXQB® Certified Professional for Usability and User Experience – Foundation Level (CPUX-F)” attests that the certificate holder is familiar with basic terms and concepts of usability and user experience. If you want to pass the CPUX-F exam in the 1st try, FreeTestShare 100% real UXQB Foundation Level CPUX-F Exam Questions are the best study materials for your preparation. CPUX-F practice tests cover real exam questions and answers to help you know about the topics of CPUX-F exam easily! We provide free access to the most recent CPUX-F Exam Questions. You can practice the most recent CPUX-F Exam Questions online!

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1. Sandra and her team have created a web-based office suite. Tanya and her team have usability tested the office suite.

Which two of Tanya's usability findings below relate to the dialogue principle, "Error tolerance"?

2. Which two of the following relate to the user experience of a train travel website but not to its usability:

3. Which one of the following must be included in a human-centred design process?

4. The stage REFINED DESIGN involves- choose three:

5. Which one of the following is a valid user requirement for Gamma Airlines website?

6. Which two of the following are part of the information architecture?

7. Which one of the terms below best characterises the following description?

Elena Montgomery, Human Resources Coordinator, Fluid Pharmaceuticals

Elena is 35 years old. She shares an apartment with her boyfriend of 4 years - they have no children. Her favourite pastimes are dancing tango and preparing wonderful tapas. She speaks conversational Spanish.

Elena spends most of her day processing forms that are needed to hire, transfer, or discharge employees in the Marketing department. If something is incomplete or unclear, she takes the time she needs to find the answer. She is an expert in all relevant forms and procedures.

Elena's goals: Advance in HR, excellence through accuracy; helpfulness; do not fall behind.

8. Which two of the following statements best describe why it's important to distinguish between tasks and subtasks?

9. What are quantitative user requirements? Choose two


Fill in the blanks:

The primary purpose of a prototype is to serve as the basis for a________ often a__________.


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