Get UiPath-ARDv1 Real Questions To Pass UiPath Advanced RPA Developer v1.0 Exam

Get UiPath-ARDv1 Real Questions To Pass UiPath Advanced RPA Developer v1.0 Exam

If you want to practice for the UiPath Advanced RPA Developer v1.0 UiPath-ARDv1 exam before taking the actual exam to assess your exam preparation, you should certainly consider getting the latest UiPath-ARDv1 Real Questions from FreeTestShare.With a thorough understanding of these top-rated UiPath-ARDv1 Real Questions, you will find it much easier to prepare for and pass the UiPath Advanced RPA Developer v1.0 Exam, as you will be able to assess your preparation for the UiPath-ARDv1 exam.

You may now access your knowledge by taking this free UiPath-ARDv1 practice test.

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1. A developer needs to create an automation process that identifies a file with format "Monthly_Report_MMddyyyy.xlsx". The file name is saved to a variable called strinput.

To extract the date from strinput, which string manipulation method should be used?

2. You want to automate a process on the web page.

On this page, the following table is displayed:

You observe that the selector of the element highlighted in red is:

<html app='chrome.exe' title='ACME System 1 - Work Items' />

<webctrl tag='TABLE' />

<webctrl tag='TD' tableCol='2' tableRow='2' />

What is a valid selector to get the 5-th element in the WIID column?

3. How can you find all anchor elements in a web page?

4. In UiPath Studio, what describes project validation and workflow analysis?

5. A new blank project only has the Main.xaml file and consists of a single Throw activity. The activity is not enclosed in a Try Catch activity.

If this process is published and run from Orchestrator, what is the expected result?

6. Which Queue Item properties can be used to control the order in which the items are processed?

7. A developer uses Workflow Analyzer with the default rules to check if a project follows best practices. In one of the workflows, the Properties of a Click activity is shown in the following exhibit.

Which warning will be shown in the Analyzer output for this activity?

8. A developer configured the Activity Project Settings for a UI automation and a Click activity in the project shown in the following exhibits:

If the target element is not found during execution in Debug mode, how long will it take until an error is thrown?


Based on the exhibit that represents the "Deadline" in the yyyy-mm-dd format, what is the correct sequence in which the Queue Items are processed by a single Performer workflow? NOTE: Drag the Queue Item Name found on the “Left” and drop on the correct Process Order found on the “Right”

10. A developer was assigned a task to build a process that will interact with hidden or minimized windows on an employee's machine.

To ensure the UI automation runs in the background which commonly used activity property must always be avoided?


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