Get Valid 010-160 Exam Questions For Linux Essentials Certificate Exam

Get Valid 010-160 Exam Questions For Linux Essentials Certificate Exam

Linux 010-160 exam is a beginner level exam which concentrates on developing principles in the IT industry using LPI technology. FreeTestShare assists you in improving your exam preparation by providing you with the most accurate 010-160 exam questions. We provide you with an exam-like atmosphere in which you may familiarize yourself with exam themes, question formats, and time constraints. If you prepare using 010-160 preparation material, you will pass on the first try.

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1. A directory contains the following three files:

texts 1.txt

texts 2.txt

texts 3.csv

Which command copies the two files ending in .txt to the /tmp/ directory?

2. Which permissions are set on a regular file once the permissions have been modified with the command chmod 654 file.txt?

3. What is the return value of a shell script after successful execution?

4. Which command copies the contents of the directory /etc/, including all sub-directories, to /root/?

5. Why are web browser cookies considered dangerous?

6. Most commands on Linux can display information on their usage.

How can this information typically be displayed?

7. The current directory contains the following file:

-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 859688 Feb 7 08:15

Given that the file is a valid shell script, how can this script be executed? (Choose two.)

8. Which of the following commands finds all lines in the file operating-systems.txt which contain the term linux, regardless of the case?

9. Which of the following characters in a shell prompt indicates the shell is running with root privileges?

10. How is a new Linux computing instance provisioned in an laaS cloud?


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