How To Prepare and Pass the CCDAK Exam Successfully?

How To Prepare and Pass the CCDAK Exam Successfully?

If you are thinking about how to prepare and pass your CCDAK exam, you are in the right place. You should pass the Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka Certification Examination to earn your CCDAK Certification. The newest CCDAK exam dumps are based on the exam objectives and are designed to help you assess your understanding. It will guide you through CCDAK Questions Answers for your Exam preparation. To assess your level of preparation, take this CCDAK practice test first!

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1. How can you gracefully make a Kafka consumer to stop immediately polling data from Kafka and gracefully shut down a consumer application?

2. To allow consumers in a group to resume at the previously committed offset, I need to set the proper value for...

3. You are using JDBC source connector to copy data from 3 tables to three Kafka topics. There is one connector created with max.tasks equal to 2 deployed on a cluster of 3 workers .

How many tasks are launched?

4. When using the Confluent Kafka Distribution, where does the schema registry reside?

5. An ecommerce website maintains two topics - a high volume "purchase" topic with 5 partitions and low volume "customer" topic with 3 partitions. You would like to do a stream-table join of these topics .

How should you proceed?

6. A kafka topic has a replication factor of 3 and min.insync.replicas setting of 2 .

How many brokers can go down before a producer with acks=all can't produce?

7. A Zookeeper ensemble contains 3 servers.

Over which ports the members of the ensemble should be able to communicate in default configuration? (select three)

8. Your producer is producing at a very high rate and the batches are completely full each time .

How can you improve the producer throughput? (select two)

9. How will you find out all the partitions where one or more of the replicas for the partition are not in-sync with the leader?

10. Which of the following Kafka Streams operators are stateful? (select all that apply)


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