IREB_CPRE_FL Foundation Level certification Dumps Questions

IREB_CPRE_FL Foundation Level certification Dumps Questions

IREB_CPRE_FL Foundation Level certification Dumps Questions are provided online, which is helpful for your test preparation. The Foundation Level addresses the advanced beginner in Requirements Engineering and provides the core knowledge of this topic. The Foundation Level encompasses the elicitation of requirements with appropriate documentation, requirements verification and validation as well as their management throughout the end-to-end product life cycle. FreeTestShare will help you quickly pass the IREB_CPRE_FL exam with actual IREB_CPRE_FL Foundation Level certification Dumps Questions.

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1. Which two statements are correct with regard to the introduction of a requirements engineering tool? (2 Points)

2. Which of the following elements are elements of a state diagram and which are not? Please indicate true or false. (1 Point)

3. Listed below you will find four reasons why different views of individual components of the requirements are used instead of a single view displaying all the requirements and attributes.

Which of the following reasons are true and which are false? (2 Points)

4. Within system development, conflicts continually arise between stakeholders with regard to the requirements. As a requirements engineer, how do you handle conflicts in projects best? (1 Point)

5. Which sentence best characterises the term "stakeholder"? (1 Point)

6. Your company works intensively with models in requirements engineering and uses UML for the description of models.

Which three capabilities should a modeling tool possess in order to be able to create traceable models in the requirements engineering? (3 Points)

7. Which of the following statements best characterizes the relationship between a requirements engineer and a stakeholder in the role of a tester? (1 Point)

8. A requirement specification includes a description of the properties of the requirement.

Which of the properties listed below can be used as requirement attributes and which cannot? Please indicate true or false. (2 Points)

9. The following state diagram is to be found in a requirements specification for an order management system.

Which of the following requirements is consistent with the diagram and which are not? (2 Points)

10. Assess the following statements about the natural language documentation of requirements in terms of being applicable or not applicable. (2 Points)


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