Palo Alto Networks PSE PrismaCloud Practice Test Questions and Answers

Palo Alto Networks PSE PrismaCloud Practice Test Questions and Answers

To pass the Palo Alto Networks System Engineer Professional – Prisma Cloud exam on the first try, you must have accurate PSE PrismaCloud Practice Test for your preparation. FreeTestShare PSE PrismaCloud Practice Test is exactly the right study tools that contain real questions and answers to help you pass the PSE PrismaCloud exam on the first try! We have prepared PSE PrismaCloud Practice Test Questions and Answers to assist you in properly preparing for the PSE PrismaCloud test. Now is the time to put your skills to the test with these online practice exams!

To put your skills to the test, try PSE PrismaCloud free practice questions!

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1. An Azure VNet has the IP network with two subnets, (used for web servers) and (used for database servers).

Which is a valid IP address to manage the VM-Series NGFW?

2. Which three methods can provide application-level security for a web server instance on Amazon Web Services? (Choose three.)

3. What is Prisma Public Cloud licensing based on?

4. can you create a custom compliance standard in Prisma Public Cloud?

5. Which configuration needs to be done to perform user entity behavior analysis with Prisma PublicCloud?

6. What is the scope of the Amazon Web Services 1AM Service?

7. Which change represents a VM-Series NGFW license transfer?

8. Which regulatory framework in Prisma Public Cloud measures compliance with EU data privacy regulations in Amazon Web Services workloads?

9. Which three types of security checks can Prisma Public Cloud perform? (Choose three.)

10. What are two examples of Amazon Web Services logging services? (Choose two.)


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