Pass AFD-200 Exam To Become A Flutter Certified Application Developer

Pass AFD-200 Exam To Become A Flutter Certified Application Developer

To become a Flutter Certified Application Developer, you have to pass the AFD-200 exam which assesses your knowledge and experience. If you’re looking for help with AFD-200 exam preparation and a guarantee of passing your exam, you’ve come to the right place. The purpose of this AFD-200 Sample Question Set is to assist you in studying for the Flutter Certified Application Developer exam.  In the AFD-200 area, you may also practice the actual test questions online.

To discover how prepared you are, take this AFD-200 sample exam first!

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1. The Container is a Flutter widget that allows you to customize, compose, decorate and position its child widget.

2. Firebase offers two cloud-based, client-accessible database solutions .

Which of the following choices is a Firebase database type?

3. To configure a CheckboxGroup or a RadioButtonGroup in a Flutter app, first you should set the configurations which are illustrated in the image of this question.

What is the file name which includes these configurations?

4. Assume that you designed a Flutter app as illustrated in the image of this question. When you tapped the "Bottom Sheet" button, you got a bottom sheet including the text "Welcome to Android ATC".

But, you were not able to tap the "Test Button" button in this app interface when this bottom sheet was


Which of the following choices about the type of this Bottom Sheet Widget is correct?

5. When you build a Flutter app, you can use an Android or an IPhone emulator to test your app UI (user interface) and its work flow. But you can NOT test this app on a real Android or IPhone device before publishing your app on Apple or Google store.

6. This widget is used to wrap a Column, Row, Container, or other widgets. This widget adds a filling size around the child widget.

Which of the following term is this definition for?

7. Which of the following property should you use to add a label, icon, and an inline hint text to the TextField widget?

8. This widget helps you to have a specific width and/or height between widgets.

Which of the following term is this definition for?

9. Fill in the blank with the correct answer that completes the following sentence.

If you have any error in your Dart code of your Flutter app, the .......................... at the status bar of your

Android Studio displays the error description and also displays the line of the code on which the error is.

Also, in most cases the description field in this console gives you an idea about the reason of the error.

What is the name of this console?

10. The image in this question includes a Flutter app interface .

Which Flutter widget has been added to this app title bar to add this navigation button?


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