Tips To Become A Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist

Tips To Become A Salesforce Certified Pardot Specialist

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1. What should you do when multiple users are editing an email template at the same time?

2. LenoxSoft would like to implement a re-engagement program for prospects who are no longer active on their website.

How should a Pardot marketer design an engagement program focused on providing exclusive offers and content to re-engage prospects? Choose one answer

3. Which of the following can "unmatch" prospects?

4. A new automation rule is created.

What action is required for prospects to begin matching that automation rule?

5. How can you set a prospect's first touch campaign?

6. What activities are completion actions available for?

7. A marketing user wants to send out an email to a list of prospects on behalf of their assigned sales users. Any prospect replies should be directed to [email protected] so their team of business development reps can field questions and schedule follow up demos.

How should this be accomplished?

8. Which standard dashboard shows the total submission across all Pardot landing pages in B2B Marketing Analytics?

9. What list email or email template report deliverability metric could indicate an unverified sending domain?

10. LenoxSoft enabled the "Always Display Form After Submission" setting on their Pardot form.

What would be the expected behavior if a prospect refreshes the page after initially submitting the form?


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