Try CIPS Supplier Relationships (L4M6) Exam Questions

Try CIPS Supplier Relationships (L4M6) Exam Questions

If you can pass the Supplier Relationships (L4M6) exam, you will be able to analyse the dynamics of supplier relationships, examine the processes and procedures for working with stakeholders and appreciate the concept of partnering. Our professionals have created a series of Supplier Relationships (L4M6) Exam Questions for candidates who want to ensure that they receive the maximum possible score on the actual exam. FreeTestShare provides L4M6 practice exam to help you prepare for the L4M6 certification exam. All L4M6 exam questions are syllabus-based, and they will help you pass the L4M6 exam quickly.

To put your skills to the test, try L4M6 free practice questions!

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1. Fred is a new procurement manager at a large engineering firm. They procure 100s of components and use these to make kitchen appliances such as kettles and toasters. He has been asked by his manager to look into procuring a new component which will go into a new environmentally friendly kettle and has been asked to ensure that the firm receives value for money .

What should Fred do?

2. A doctor's surgery requires a complex database system to manage all of its patients data, which is highly sensitive. The system also needs to link to other departments of the health service such as physiotherapy and intensive care. The Manager of the surgery is considering outsourcing the management of the database to an IT company .

What is the Manager's main motivation for doing this?

3. The Pareto Principle is sometimes also known as what?

4. In an oliogopy market, what would a regulator do?

5. Andrew runs a factory that makes cakes. Vanilla Extract is a vital ingredient in Andrew’s cakes and this is a monopolistic market. Andrew has noticed recently that the quality of the supplier’s product has reduced, and this has led to several complaints from customers. Andrew is considering entering into a Partnership with this supplier as he believes this will help increase the supplier’s performance.

Is this the correct thing to do?

6. Richie has come up with a new idea for sourcing items for the business but feels that it will have mixed reviews within the team. He thinks that some people will be in favour of the idea, and some will be against it. He doesn’t think the CEO will have a strong opinion either way. In order to decide whether to put a business case together and present his idea to the CEO- what should Richie do?

7. Phone Maker Incorporated is a manufacturer of mobile phones. It is considering investing in a partnership with its supplier of batteries and circuit boards as it wishes to produce new models of its phone more regularly .

What is the main driver for Phone Maker Incorporated?

8. A restricted market is a market where there are only a small number of capable and competent suppliers .

Which of the following is not a reason for a marketplace to be restricted?

9. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) include items such as copywrite and trademarks. A buyer is considering entering into a partnership with their supplier to create a new product which will be released in two years’ time. Should IPR be included into a contract between partners?

10. Which of the following are considered ‘wastes’ which can be removed from a business? Select THREE.


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