Try Online Free LookML-Developer Certification Exam Questions

Try Online Free LookML-Developer Certification Exam Questions

You must pass the LookML-Developer test if you want to obtain Looker LookML Developer certification and further your general concepts. FreeTestShare provides a free LookML-Developer practice test with real exam questions and answers to assist you understand the exam subjects and format. Real LookML-Developer questions and answers have been revised and updated to guarantee that they are accurate and up to date.In the LookML-Developer area, you may also practice the actual test questions online.

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1. The developer is creating an Explore that includes the product users, and orders views that will meet the following guidelines.

Joins between the orders and users views should not incur high performance costs.

Users of this Explore will primarily be looking at data from the orders view.

Users of this Explore should only be able to see orders from the retailer “”.

The onlyfield the users need from the products view is

Which LookML should the developer use?





2. Users viewing an Explore should be able to view rows of data only where the value of the product.brand column matches the value of the user’s company user attribute.

Which access filter should the developer use to meet this requirement?





3. A developer has the dimensions enrollment_month and graduation_month already defined in the view. Both were created as part of dimension_groups of type: time. The developer need touse these two dimensions in the sql_start and sql_end parameters of a dimension group of type: duration.

Which LookML should be used to calculate the number of month and years between enrollment month and graduation month?





4. A LookML developer finishes some LookML work and commits changes in their personal development branch. The developer is asked to Pull and Merge Other Changes.

What does this indicate?

5. A developer needs to model out LookML to convert existing reports into Looker.

The existing reports are:

Report 1: A report with order and order_items data, which finds the order with the largest total value of the order_item prices.

Report 2: A report with order and order_items data, which finds the order with the largest total number of products ordered.

Report 3: A report with data on every product, whether or not it has been ordered.

Each database table used is updated in real time as orders are made.

How should the developer construct an Explore using the order_items view as the base view?

6. A user needs to create a report that shows a count of all orders and of orders over $100.

Which solution should the developer implement to meet these requirements?

7. A LookML developer creates an Explore that joins two views. The base view has information about users’interactions with the support team. The joined view contains data about the users. The support team using this Explore feels overwhelmed by the amount of data this Explore shows them and decides to just look at open tickets.

What should the developer add to the Explore in the model to achieve these requirements?

8. A user reports that a query run against the orders Explore takes a long time to run. The query includes only fields from the users view. Data for both views is updated in real time. The developer runs the following query in SQL Runner and quickly receives results:

SELECT * FROM users.

What should the developer do to improve the performance of the query in the Explore?

9. Business users report that they are unable to build useful queries because the list of fields in the Explore is too long to find what they need.

Which three LookML options should a developer use to curate the business user’s experience? (Choose three.)

10. The developer has moved the orders Explore (shown below) from model_a to model_b, where both models are in the same project, and all users have access to both models.

Connection: “demo”

include: “.view”

explore: orders {}

What will happen after making this change?


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