1Y0-204 Citrix Virtual Apps Desktops 7 Administration Real Questions

1Y0-204 Citrix Virtual Apps Desktops 7 Administration Real Questions

1Y0-204 Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 Administration is a standard exam. Exam 1Y0-204 is a 65-question exam written in English. This exam will have multiple-choice items only. The passing marks is 62%. FreeTestShare provides a free 1Y0-204 practice test to help you check the exam features. Try these 1Y0-204 exam questions and answers to know about the 1Y0-204 exam topics and layout well. Then you can pass your Citrix 1Y0-204 exam successfully.

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1. A Citrix Administrator configured the Responder policy to redirect the request for root page to the home page.

However, after executing the command, the webpage access entered a loop, as shown in the second screenshot.

Click on the ‘Exhibit’ buttons to view the screenshots.

How will the administrator rectify this issue?

2. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator plans to implement HDX Insight in an environment to troubleshoot intermittent issues. The administrator needs to know which components make up HDX Insight to ensure that all of the necessary prerequisites are configured.

Which three components will the administrator need to review? (Choose three.)

3. Which disk type will always be created for each virtual machine, when creating new virtual machines using Machine Creation Services (MCS)?

4. Which two actions must be true for a client to connect to an SSL offload virtual server without any SSL errors? (Choose two.)

5. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator of a large, multi-domain company needs to configure specific Group Policy Object (GPO) settings for Citrix Workspace app (Receiver) on managed endpoints that are in various locations. The administrator needs to have the ability to save the GPO template file to the Active Directory central store, so that Group Policy Administrators located in other domains can utilize it.

Which step should the administrator take to accomplish this task?

6. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator needs to deploy Citrix Virtual Apps. Project requirements dictate that management and maintenance should be minimized for the administrator, while still maintaining control of the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) machines.

Which hosting platform should the administrator choose to meet these requirements?

7. Scenario: A Ctrix Administrator currently manages a Citrix ADC environment in a retail company that is growing quickly and may soon double its volume of business. Currently, a Citrix ADC MPX 5550, which handles web and SSL transactions, is in place, but is close to full capacity. Due to the forecasted growth increase, the administrator needs to find a cost effective solution.

What can the administrator recommend to management in order to cost effectively handle the growth?

8. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator would like to better monitor traffic within the Citrix Gateway and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Site. The administrator decides to implement the Citrix Application Delivery Management appliance for use with Citrix Director.

Which three additional pieces of infrastructure information can the administrator now review within Citrix Director? (Choose three.)

9. Scenario: The Director of network security in a financial organization wants to protect the enterprise network from any external malware threats. To do this, the director needs to gain visibility into otherwise-bypassed traffic and control access to malicious web sites.

The director is required to do the following:

- Intercept and examine all the traffic, including SSL/TLS (encrypted traffic), coming in, and going out of the enterprise network.

- Block access to URLs identified as serving harmful or insecure content.

- Identify users (employees) in the enterprise who are accessing malicious websites.

Which Citrix ADC deployment mode should a Citrix Administrator use to achieve this requirement?

10. Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is configuring a Citrix ADC high availability (HA) pair with an existing Primary Citrix ADC with all resources configured. The administrator added the Secondary Citrix ADC in high availability and found that the configuration on the existing primary was removed. It is now the Secondary Citrix ADC in the HA pair.

Which two configurations could the administrator have made to prevent this from happening? (Choose two.)


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