2021 Latest Nutanix NCSE Core Exam Questions & Answers Demo

2021 Latest Nutanix NCSE Core Exam Questions & Answers Demo

Recipients of the NCSE – Core badge have demonstrated their skills and abilities speaking to, evangelizing and differentiating Nutanix technologies. Recipients are able to assess customer environments, collect appropriate data, complete sizing and effectively present solutions.

If you’re looking for help with NCSE Core preparation and a guarantee of passing your exam, you’ve come to the right place. The purpose of this NCSE Core Sample Question Set is to assist you in studying for the Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer-Core exam. FreeTestShare NCSE Core Dump is the best alternative if you want more NCSE Core test questions with verified answers for the actual exam.

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1. Which three settings are required for network switch discovery in Prism? (Choose Three)

2. Write I/O that is deemed sequential will enter which component of the Distributed Storage Fabric first?

3. A customer's current AHV cluster for mixed server workloads consists of 7 NX-3060-G6 nodes with intel Skylake processors spread across two blocks. Growing demand for resources requires the customer to order three additional NX-3060-G7 nodes with Intel Cascade Lake processors.

Which supported approach allows the customer the most efficient use of their additional resources?

4. An online retailer currently support over 200 separate PostgreSQL database instances, often with more than 10 copies of each individual database. Their Database Administrators have scripted much of the deployment process for creating dev/test copies, but their infrastructure team struggles to keep up with storage capacity demands.

Which Nutanix product should the systems engineer position?

5. An SE is building a solution for a federal goverment prospect that u???

Which two items are required to deliver a solution that meens the ??? encryption (choose two)

6. From Which page on portal.nutanix.com can an open case be directly escalated?

7. A prospect's storage administrator is concerned about deploying Nutanix for their vSphere server virtualization environment due to anticipated increases to data retention for compliance purposes and associated costs.

Which Nutanix feature should an SE discuss to convince the prospect to move forward?

8. A customer has a 3-node cluster configured for RF2 with 100TB of raw disk space. The customer wants to enable Erasure Coding to gain additional usable space.

What change will allow EC-X to be enabled?

9. After a meeting with a new prospect to demo Nutanix for a Splunk opportunity, the prospect requests a POC.

To qualify the need for a POC, which question should an SE ask the prospect first?

10. CPU utilization climbs above 90% on several VMs. This causes performance degradation for a business-critical application.

How can alerts be configured to notify the administrator before VM CPU utilization hits 90%?


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