Access To HashiCorp Certified: Vault Associate VA-002-P Practice Exam

Access To HashiCorp Certified: Vault Associate VA-002-P Practice Exam

If you are worried about your VA-002-P HashiCorp Certified: Vault Associate exam, FreeTestShare provides VA-002-P Practice Exam to help you prepare for your exam easily. Our professionals have created a series of VA-002-P Practice Exam for candidates who want to ensure that they receive the maximum possible score on the actual exam. By completing them, you can ensure that you have a firm grip on the syllabus content, which increases your confidence and improves your time management skills, which will help you complete the test easily. VA-002-P Practice Exam is quite beneficial in ensuring memorable success in the HashiCorp Certified: Vault Associate exam.

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1. You've logged into the Vault CLI and attempted to enable an auth method, but received this error message.

What can be done to resolve the error and configure Vault?

Error enabling userpass auth: Post http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client

2. Beyond encryption and decryption of data, which of the following is not a function of the Vault transit secrets engine?

3. You've hit the URL for the Vault UI, but you're presented with this screen.

Why doesn't Vault present you with a way to log in?

4. After logging into the Vault UI, a user complains that they cannot enable Replication.

Why would the replication configuration be missing?

5. $ vault

6. }

7. Which of the following terraform subcommands could be used to remove the lock on the state for the current configuration?

8. Which of the following commands will remove all secrets at a specific path?

9. True or False:

When using the transit secrets engine, setting the min_decryption_version will determine the minimum key length of the data key (i.e., 2048, 4096, etc.)

10. Which three interfaces can be used to access Vault? (select three)


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