Check Point Certified Cloud Specialist 156-560 Dumps Questions

Check Point Certified Cloud Specialist 156-560 Dumps Questions

Download the latest Free Check Point Certified Cloud Specialist 156-560 Dumps Questions for your best preparation, it is  is one of the hot certification exams that will help you become a Check Point Certified Cloud Specialist. FreeTestShare 156-560 Dumps Questions are designed for candidates who want to get the Check Point Certified Cloud Specialist (CCCS) certification. With real and authentic 156-560 Dumps Questions, you can pass the Check Point 156-560 exam in the first try to enhance your IT career.

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1. Which Security Gateway function inspects cloud applications and workload resources for malicious activity?

2. Introduction to Cloud Security Posture Management uses which of the following to connect, communicate, and collect information from cloud accounts and third party tools?

3. Deployment of a Security Gateway was initiated on AWS using a CloudFormation Template available through sk111013. The deployment process, after a while failed and rolled back .

What could be the probable cause of this failure and roll back?

4. Where can I find solution templates for Azure?

5. A utility that allows integration between SMS, the CloudGuard Network Solution, and CSPs, allowing the SMS to monitor and control scaling solutions in their associated cloud environments is called

6. To travel between spokes, non-transitive traffic uses ________ to allow Ipv4 and IPv6 traffic

to reach a spoke network

7. Where are the api logs found on the Security Management Server?

8. On Azure, can you deploy a Check Point Standalone installation (Management + GW)?

9. Which pricing model gives administrators the ability to deploy devices as needed without the

need to purchase blocks of vCore licenses?

10. Which of the following is the Customer's Responsibility in the shared responsibility model used in the cloud?


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