CIW Social Media Specialist 1D0-623 Practice Exam

CIW Social Media Specialist 1D0-623 Practice Exam

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1. A marine biology expect works as a guide with a whale-watching tour company. He wants to communicate information on Scientific research, videos of whale sighting and other events to potential tour customer and whale conservation. He also wants to share information from this industry peers .

Which social media tool can he use to meet these needs?

2. A self-employed motional speaker is active on several forms of social media including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. However, he does not have the time or resources to maintain a presence on other social media site .

What is the most cost effective way to make sure potential customers can still reach him?

3. Drew is managing a social media advertising campaign. He has selected a popular social site. The site has a flat membership fee, plus a pay per-click fee. Drew will also be outsourcing the graphical design of the ads .

What information do you need to calculate the cost-per-click of the campaign?

4. Katie has launched a new natural makeup company and is looking to offer her lipstick line to potential new customers using a social media campaign She has recently seen her competitors successfully use influencers to help promote their products to new customers .

What should she look for when trying to identify the right potential influencers for her audience?

5. Mariah works for a local community organization and is creating a social media campaign to drive their followers to sign-up for their monthly e-mail newsletter .

Which of the following would be the most effective way for her to optimize her social media campaign?

6. A mid-sized technical company has an active presence on multiple social media sites. It hasa variety of followers who communicate regularly about products and industry information. The company wants to increase the size of its social network in order to increase sales and revenue. The company plans to add paid advertising, as well as leveraging their organic advertising.

What would help them choose the best platform to achieve their goals?

7. A company specialization in Europeriver cruises wants to expand its business to ocean cruises. It has a growing base of followers on popular social media platforms .

Which social media tool can they use to attract new followers who are interested in ocean cruising?

8. Which of the following is a benefit researching and social media personas for a business?

9. A well known CEO of a large company regularly makes keynote speeches at industry conferences .

How can these presentation be made more social?

10. Kameron is assigned to minimize the vulnerabilities in his company's social media communications and online chatting features His company is launching a new product Information about the new product has been leaked to the public, ahead of schedule. To mitigate the situation. Kameron first focused on redefining who has access to new product information.

What would be the next area to improve?



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