Download 2022 Update Splunk SPLK-1003 Practice Exam Questions

Download 2022 Update Splunk SPLK-1003 Practice Exam Questions

SPLK-1003 Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin exam is the final step towards completion of the Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin certification.  Before taking the SPLK-1003 exam, you may test your knowledge with a free SPLK-1003 practice test. FreeTestShare SPLK-1003 practice exam fully describes what you will face on the real exam, allowing you to pass the SPLK-1003 exam quickly. We ensure that if you use the most accurate SPLK-1003 questions and answers, you will pass the exam on the first try!

Take this free SPLK-1003 practice exam right now to see how well you know yourself.

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1. Which of the following enables compression for universal forwarders in outputs. conf ?





2. The volume of data from collecting log files from 50 Linux servers and 200 Windows servers will require multiple indexers.

Following best practices, which types of Splunk component instances are needed?

3. When indexing a data source, which fields are considered metadata?

4. Which of the following are required when defining an index in indexes. conf? (select all that apply)

5. An admin is running the latest version of Splunk with a 500 GB license. The current daily volume of new data is 300 GB per day.

To minimize license issues, what is the best way to add 10 TB of historical data to the index?

6. The Splunk administrator wants to ensure data is distributed evenly amongst the indexers.

To do this, he runs the following search over the last 24 hours:


What field can the administrator check to see the data distribution?

7. Which of the following configuration files are used with a universal forwarder? (Choose all that apply.)

8. Which Splunk component does a search head primarily communicate with?

9. Social Security Numbers (PII) data is found in log events, which is against company policy.

SSN format is as follows: 123-44-5678.

Which configuration file and stanza pair will mask possible SSNs in the log events?

10. Which of the following applies only to Splunk index data integrity check?


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