Download Free Splunk SPLK-3002 Real Questions and Answers

Download Free Splunk SPLK-3002 Real Questions and Answers

Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) Certified Admin exam is the final step towards completion of the Splunk ITSI Certified Admin certification. If you are preparing for your Splunk SPLK-3002 exam, you can now utilize this free SPLK-3002 practice test to gauge your readiness. You will get a comprehensive SPLK-3002 Questions and Answers that will ensure your success on the first attempt!

To help you prepare for the exam, take a free SPLK-3002 practice test.

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1. When creating a custom deep dive, what color are services/KPIs in maintenance mode within the topology view?

2. Which of the following describes entities? (Choose all that apply.)

3. Which of the following is a valid type of Multi-KPI Alert?

4. Which of the following items apply to anomaly detection? (Choose all that apply.)

5. Besides creating notable events, what are the default alert actions a correlation search can execute? (Choose all that apply.)

6. In maintenance mode, which features of KPIs still function?

7. Which index contains ITSI Episodes?

8. Which of the following describes a realistic troubleshooting workflow in ITSI?

9. Which of the following applies when configuring time policies for KPI thresholds?

10. What effects does the KPI importance weight of 11 have on the overall health score of a service?


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