Download Free 2021 Okta Certified Administrator Exam Questions & Answers

Download Free 2021 Okta Certified Administrator Exam Questions & Answers

Okta Certified Administrators examinations are fitting for candidates proficient at sustaining the Okta service. They must have knowledge about how Okta enables User Lifecycle Management situations incorporating the mobile devices, security policy frameworks, SSO options, and directory integration for cloud and on-premise access. 

To aid all candidates, FreeTestShare provides 100 percent authentic Okta Certified Administrator Exam Questions & Answers that will not only help you pass the Okta Certified Administrator exam. FreeTestShare is offering a free  Okta Certified Administrator demo to help you get a better understanding of the exam themes and layout. It will ensure you prepare the Okta Certified Administrator exam easily.

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1. Any ... <answer_goes_here>'s credentials verified under "Test API credentials" in an Office365 app integration can allow Okta API integration with Office 365 - permissions which once successfully granted will be used by Okta used for Provisioning related tasks

Solution: Office 365 Global Administrator

2. In an SP-initiated SAML 2.0 flow, the SP will never redirect to Okta if the session is already active

Solution: It will always redirect to Okta and in this case only - will promt the user for re-authentication by manually entering Okta credentials

3. When a user's Okta password is changed:

Solution: All apps that are Provisioning-enabled and have Sync Password option active under Provisioning settings - will begin to sync the password in respective apps

4. Can you include / exclude users from specific Network Zones defined in Okta from both Sign On and Password policies?

Solution: Only for Sign On policies you have such granularity

5. Whenever you make an API call, you will then get back:

Solution: Response headers

6. As an Okta admin, when you implement IWA, you have to know how to successfully test it to see if it's working. For this you:

Solution: Restart AD Domain Controller and go into IIS and see if you have IWA references in there

7. Does Okta require an Agent to sit in-between Okta to SCIM-enabled app on premises requests?

Solution: Yes, an Okta Application Integration Agent

8. What does it mean: "Mapping Direction AD to Okta"?

Solution: Indicates a schema of attribute values flowing AD towards Okta's Apps directly, Okta just facilitating this end-to-end direct flow

9. When using Okta Expression Language, which variable type results out of this Okta Expression? isMemberOfGroup("groupId")

Solution: Array

10. Regarding Access Request Workflow, when a user requests an app - he can also include a message to the approver. But you can also designate an approver group.

Solution: Both statements are false


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