Try Latest Okta Certified Professional Exam Demo Questions

Try Latest Okta Certified Professional Exam Demo Questions

Okta Certified Professionals possess foundational knowledge in the area of secure identity management. They have hands-on experience completing day-to-day operational tasks to support users of the Okta service. Okta Certified Professionals have familiarity with Okta technologies and processes related to simple directory integration, Single Sign-On (SSO) federation, and application provisioning aspects of User Lifecycle Management.

Our professionals have created Okta Certified Professional practice exam for candidates who want to ensure that they receive the maximum possible score on the actual exam. By completing them, you can ensure that you have a firm grip on the syllabus content, which increases your confidence and improves your time management skills, which will help you complete the test within the time limit. 

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1. Will the Okta Help Desk Administrator role be appropriate for this scenario?

Solution: The company has business units that need to reset multifactor authentication (MFA) on a specific group of end users.

2. An Okta Administrator ran a full import from Active Directory An expected group was NOT imported into OKta. Is this a reason why the group was NOT imported into Okta?

Solution: The organizational unit (OU) containing the group was NOT selected for Import

3. Is this an advantage of deploying the Okta LDAP Agent to integrate Okta with an LDAP directory service?

Solution: End users are stored locally in LDAP but are NOT imported to Okta.

4. Is this a valid user account status for an end user who needs to authenticate to Okta? Solution: Pending Activation

5. Can an Okta Administrator enable multifactor authentication (MFA) at this level?

Solution: Application

6. Is this a reason why SAML is more secure than Secure Web Authentication (SWA)?

Solution: SAML uses the Okta Browser plugin.

7. Is this the authentication method or flow that is used when an end user launches a SAML application from the Okta end user home dashboard?

Solution: Secure Web Authentication (SWA)

8. Is this a reason to build custom authorization servers in Okta?

Solution: To protect API endpoint owned by a third-part

9. Is this where an administrator could enforce multifactor authentication (MFA)? Solution: Account unlock

10. An end user account has been changed from an Active Directory mastered user to an Okta mastered user. Is this what the end user must do upon the next login?

Solution: Complete password reset flow


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