Download Free 2022 SAP Lumira Designer 2.4 C_LUMIRA_24 Dumps

Download Free 2022 SAP Lumira Designer 2.4 C_LUMIRA_24 Dumps

Looking for real C_LUMIRA_24 dumps? SAP Lumira Designer certification exam validates that the candidate possesses the fundamental and core knowledge required of the SAP Lumira Application Consultant profile. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re preparing for the C_LUMIRA_24 test and want to get ahead. Our experienced IT lecturers produced C_LUMIRA_24 dumps, which includes exam questions and answers and contains the most recent exam questions.

To put your skills to the test, try C_LUMIRA_24 free practice questions!

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1. Which variables are supported by SAP Lumira, designer edition? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

2. What is used to import data set in SAP Lumira?

3. Which tab is used to add graphs and charts on the data that has been imported and organized in Prepare tab?

4. By which type of query data sources gets connected?

5. Which of the following allows you to print Visualizations (PDF format) in SAP Lumira?

6. Which method of replication uses Business Objects Data Services to specify and load the relevant business data in defined periods of time (Batches) from an ERP system into the SAP HANA database?

7. Your component has a data source with the Load in Script=true setting .

What is the expected result if you have NO additional script in the application?

8. Which of the following option you can use to copy the data locally and you can edit and manipulate the data to visualize in the charts using SAP HANA as data source?

9. Which of the following layout elements are available when you select Board as Story page?

10. Which of the Story type in SAP Lumira allows you to create slide show using different types of charts Left, Right, Bottom, and Top?


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