Download Free Genesys GCP-GC-REP Practice Exam Questions

Download Free Genesys GCP-GC-REP Practice Exam Questions

How to prepare for GCP-GC-REP Genesys Cloud Certified Professional – Reporting and Analytics exam? It is crucial to get the real GCP-GC-REP practice exam to practice questions and answers before attending actual exam. Real GCP-GC-REP practice exam of FreeTestShare is quite fantastic to prepare for the reason that that is with all the most current versions and around the correct GCP-GC-REP exam questions so, all of your specifications may be accomplished.

Here are GCP-GC-REP practice questions to help you gauge your level of preparation. Now is the time to try it!

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1. You would like to see the performance metrics for the customer service queue parameters such as service level, the average speed of answer, and average talk time .

Which reports provide detailed statistics about multimedia queue activity?

2. While Alex monitors the queue reports, Sam deleted an inactive agent from the queue. Will this affect the metrics?

3. What is the maximum limit for creating performance dashboards for private users?

4. Rayan, as the supervisor, noticed some issues in the interactions handled by the agents.

He exported the Agent Metrics report for detailed statistics to troubleshoot the issue.

Identify the areas that would help him in resolving the problems. (Choose four.)

5. What is the metric called for the average amount of time an interaction waits in queue before an agent answers it?

6. User Status Detail report includes specifics about queue activity such as interacting, idle, and not responding.

7. Which of the following metrics are only related to Inbound interactions handled by a queue? (Choose five.)

8. Reports provide only real-time information.

9. You just ran the Queue Metrics Interval report and unsure how the average speed of answer (ASA) was calculated.

Where can you find this information for Genesys Cloud Contact Center?


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