Try Free Genesys GCP-GC-ADM Real Questions and Answers

Try Free Genesys GCP-GC-ADM Real Questions and Answers

Do you want to be able to pass the Genesys GCP-GC-ADM exam with flying colors?Genesys Cloud Certified Professional – Contact Center Admin exam introduces the fundamental concepts and major components associated with the Contact Center feature set of the Genesys Cloud platform. If you are preparing for Genesys GCP-GC-ADM exam, you should get Genesys GCP-GC-ADM exam dumps to pass in the first try. By practicing with our Genesys GCP-GC-ADM Questions and Answers, you will be able to easily answer all the questions.

You should try GCP-GC-ADM practice test questions to assess yourself.

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1. Which definition matches the ACD Evaluation Method Best Available Skills?

2. Which of the following components can be added to scripts? (Choose all that applies.)

3. If you have not created any additional templates, you will have several template options when creating a new script .

What are the template options? (Choose two.)

4. If you navigate away from the page without saving the Script, you will not lose any work you have completed.

5. What is a fatal question in an Evaluation Form?

6. What would you select from the Admin>Outbound Dialing menu to create a new campaign?

7. Which of the following are components of Genesys Cloud Reporting and Analytics? (Choose three.)

8. What is a DNC list?

9. Why must you create queues for ACD functionality to work?

10. Which dialing mode allows the agent to see customer information before dialing?


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