Download Free Nokia SRA Composite Exam 4A0-C02 Dumps Questions

Download Free Nokia SRA Composite Exam 4A0-C02 Dumps Questions

Nokia SRA composite exam combines four required individual exams for SRA certification into a single, integrated exam. Candidates will have the option to write the single SRA composite exam or write the four individual exams. The four individual exams are:

Nokia Border Gateway Protocol (Exam #4A0-102)
Nokia Virtual Private LAN Services (Exam #4A0-105)
Nokia Virtual Private Routed Networks (Exam #4A0-106)
Nokia Quality of Service (Exam #4A0-107)

To help you best prepare for your 4A0-C02 exam, Freetestshare can help you pass your 4A0-C02 test quickly and easily! Here we have some 4A0-C02 sample exam questions. Try them to see if you are ready.

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1. An Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR is configured with a policy to export directly-connected networks to BGP.

Which of the following commands verifies that the export was successful?

2. What needs to be configured in a VPLS in order to forward customer STP BPDUs transparently?

3. For a Carrier Supporting Carrier (CSC) VPRN where the customer carrier is an ISP that provides Internet connectivity to its end-customers, which of the following is FALSE?

4. Click the exhibit.

AS 65100 is advertising into BGP.

Which of the following AS Paths would the prefix contain when viewed on router R8?

5. Which of the following functions must a PE router support when participating in a VPLS service? (Choose 3)

6. The user of an Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR wants to see the effect of changing an import policy immediately.

What is the best command to force re-evaluation of the import policy with minimal impact?

7. Click the exhibit.

Which of the following can be used by router R4 in AS 65542 to reject all routes originating in AS 65540?

8. How are local CE routes associated with the appropriate VRF at the PE?

9. Click the exhibit.

Given that ISP 1 and ISP 2 are Tier 2 providers, and that ISP 3 and ISP 4 are Tier 1 providers, what is the most likely relationship between the ISPs?

10. Click on the exhibit below.

In the following diagram, traffic ingressing on SAP 1/2/3:1 will be passed to the layer-2 DPI device for inspection based on a filter policy applied to the ingress of the SAP.

What feature should be enabled on SAP 1/2/1:100 and SAP 1/2/2:100 to ensure that incorrect information is not populated in the FDB of VPLS 1?


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