Download Free P3 Risk Management (Online) CIMAPRA19-P03-1-ENG Exam Questions

Download Free P3 Risk Management (Online) CIMAPRA19-P03-1-ENG Exam Questions

Download the latest Free Risk Management (Online) CIMAPRA19-P03-1-ENG Exam Questions for your best preparation, it is  is one of the top certification exams that will help you learn new skills and earn CIMA Professional Qualification certification. FreeTestShare CIMAPRA19-P03-1-ENG practice tests are designed for candidates who want to get the CIMA certification. With real and authentic CIMAPRA19-P03-1-ENG dumps, you can pass the P3 Risk Management (Online) exam in the first try to enhance your IT career. 

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1. The safety guard on a piece of equipment was broken. The factory manager suspended an operator who refused to operate the equipment until it was repaired. The factory manager paid another operator a bonus for operating the damaged equipment until the safety guard could be repaired.

What does this incident say about the control environment within that factory?

2. KLO is a major quoted car rental company. The company is considering publishing its first cyber risk management report

AH rental bookings are made online Customers receive a booking reference number that they use to collect their cars from a convenient branch Customers enter their credit card details both so that KLO can take payment for their rental and also so that the customers can be charged automatically for late returns or damage to cars

KLO's management believes that it has three key areas of cyber risk Cyber criminals may wish to make bookings using fictitious data in order to steal KLO's cars, they may wish to use customers details to identify addresses of people who are away from home so that they can burgle houses and they may wish to abuse customer credit card details

KLO's Board is concerned that admitting to the nsk of stealing cars might encourage cnminals to exploit that vulnerability AJso. it is concerned that customers will be reluctant to rent cars if that would mean that their homes could be at risk of burglary while they are away The vulnerability of credit card details seems obvious and so the Board is not reluctant to admit to that.

Which TWO of the following are correct?

3. H Ltd is a company providing postal and courier services to small businesses. Customers pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to use the service, plus a very small fee for each item delivered.

A year ago, H employed a new sales team. Their remuneration is dependent on the number of new customers they sign up. Sales increased dramatically in the first six months, but now difficulties are emerging such as new customers dropping their subscription once the initial period has expired; subscriber direct debits being returned unpaid; subscribers going out of business and other similar issues.

Which of the following would be appropriate to help resolve these problems?


Identify, from the list provided, which category of business risk most accurately describes the events detailed below.

5. A UK manufacturing company has simultaneously:

• purchased a put option to sell USD 1million at an exercise price of GBP1.00 = USD1.65

• sold a call option that grants the option holder the right to buy USD 1million at a price of GBP1.00 = USD1.61 (this option has the same maturity date as the put).

Which of the following is a valid explanation for entering into these option positions?

6. P Ltd manufactures and sells electrical goods through retail outlets.

N is P Ltd's Sales Director. He has been recently promoted from a senior sales position with P Ltd. He has been forced to spend the first six months as Sales Director on dealing with an administrative mess left behind by the previous sales director.

You are a Senior Management Accountant at P Ltd. You have worked with N for many years.

N has worked hard and has made many changes that have brought significant benefit to the business.

N has asked you to postpone the recording of some purchase invoices so that he will meet his quarterly targets on profit margin.

What should you do?

7. Which of the following are true of interest rate swaps?

8. P Ltd, a manufacturing company, is considering a new capital investment project to set up a new production line.

The initial appraisal shows a healthy net present value of $6,465 million at a discount rate of 10% as shown in the table below:

However, management is unsure about the demand for the product which will be produced and has insisted that the future revenues should be reduced to certainity equivalents by taking 70%, 65% and 60% of the years 1,2, and 3 cash inflows respectively.

What should P do?


A US company has to pay £500,000 for a new machine.

You have the following information on currencies.

EUR 1 = £1.2300

EUR 1 = USD 1.6200

What is the cost of the machine in USD?

Give your answer to the nearest $.

10. The senior manager in the accounts department is going on annual leave for three weeks and Jo, a supervisor is being put in charge of the department for that time.

Which TWO of the following statements are correct?


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