E3 Strategic Management CIMAPRA19-E03-1-ENG Practice Exam Questions

E3 Strategic Management CIMAPRA19-E03-1-ENG Practice Exam Questions

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Select the label which best defines the periods of decline outlined in the situations presented below.

2. Company RR operates in the finance sector. It is experiencing increasing delays in approving loan applications, due to customers not promptly returning their signed copy of the application forms back to RR.

RR is now wanting to introduce e-signatures which allow customers to sign the document on their computer and return it back to RR through the Internet. This change will help to simplify the process and ensure that customers obtain their loans quicker.

To achieve this change, RR has established a project and has appointed you as the Project Leader to lead the change.

Select the THREE valid statements in respect of leading change.

3. Mayo defined knowledge management as the management of the information, knowledge

and experience available to anOrganization .

Which THREE of the following are steps in the development and implementation of a knowledge management strategy?

4. Company GG is considering its future strategy on delivering a long-term competitive advantage. The Finance Director has recommended that the Board includes in the strategy a separate section on sustainability.

Which of the following is NOT a correct sustainability statement?

5. An IT project is currently being undertaken by VVV, a large university. The project is to design and install a secure information system network for all academic staff and administrative staff in the university. The Executive Board of VVV has insisted that the key objective of the project team is to track and monitor how the information system is being used by the academic staff and the administrative staff once it is implemented.

Which of the following would be an appropriate performance measure for the key objective set by VVV's Executive Board?

6. Kanter identified seven 'power skills' that change agents need to overcome apathy or resistance to change .

Which of the following are power skills? Select ALL that apply.

7. JJJ presently makes motorcycles for use by the armed forces in its home country. Defence spending cuts have forced JJJ to seek a new business direction. JJJ has decided to make trucks for sale to private businesses in its home country.

Use the Ansoff product/market matrix to identify the new strategic direction of JJJ.

8. ZZZ is a retailing Organizationthat is suffering falling market share and falling profits.

ZZZ has a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is urgently setting up a strategic performance evaluation system. This will involve identifying Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and then monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Advise the CEO which of the following statements is suitable for the role that a Chartered Global Management Accountant should undertake.

9. Which of the following is NOT included in the Information Systems Strategy (ISS) of Earl's three levels of information strategy?

10. BBB is a global manufacturer of organic fertilizers, used by farmers all over the world to improve resistance to disease and to increase crop yield. BBB uses data from past crop yield results, international weather prediction data and predictive models relating to population growth and movement statistics to identify and predict the fertilizers it will need to produce for its customers many years in advance.

Which of the following best describes the activities outlined above?


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