Fortinet NSE5 Certification NSE5_FAZ-7.0 Updated Materials

Fortinet NSE5 Certification NSE5_FAZ-7.0 Updated Materials

To prepare for the NSE5_FAZ-7.0 exam, you should first familiarize yourself with the exam objectives and content outline, which can be found on the exam webpage or in the exam blueprints. This will give you a good idea of what topics will be covered on the exam and the relative weight of each topic.

You should then study the relevant materials, such as coursework, textbooks, and online resources. Some good resources for the NSE5_FAZ-7.0 exam include the official study guide, practice exams, and instructional videos. You can also consider joining a study group or finding a study partner to help you review the material and test your knowledge.

To further improve your chances of passing the NSE5_FAZ-7.0 exam, it is important to have hands-on experience with the technologies covered on the exam. This can be obtained through internships, work experience, or lab practice.

Finally, be sure to give yourself enough time to study and prepare, and try to stay focused and avoid distractions. Get plenty of rest the night before the exam and arrive at the testing center early to give yourself plenty of time to get settled and focused.

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1. You crested a playbook on FortiAnalyzer that uses a FortiOS connector

When configuring the FortiGate side, which type of trigger must be used so that the actions in an automation stitch are available in the FortiOS connector?

2. How do you restrict an administrator’s access to a subset of your organization’s ADOMs?

3. Which SQL query is in the correct order to query the database in the FortiAnslyzer?

4. What statements are true regarding disk log quota? (Choose two)

5. What can you do on FortiAnalyzer to restrict administrative access from specific locations?

6. Refer to the exhibit.

The exhibit shows “remoteservergroup” is an authentication server group with LDAP and RADIUS servers.

Which two statements express the significance of enabling “Match all users on remote server” when configuring a new administrator? (Choose two.)

7. What are offline logs on FortiAnalyzer?

8. Refer to the exhibit.

Which two statements are true regarding enabling auto-cache on FortiAnalyzer? (Choose two.)

9. What are two advantages of setting up fabric ADOM? (Choose two.)

10. View the exhibit:

What does the 1000MB maximum for disk utilization refer to?



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