Free Online Fortinet NSE7_OTS-6.4 Real Questions and Answers

Free Online Fortinet NSE7_OTS-6.4 Real Questions and Answers

Fortinet NSE 7 – OT Security 6.4 exam is part of the NSE 7 Network Security Architect program, and  recognizes the successful candidate’s knowledge of and expertise with the Fortinet products in an OT environment. We recommend that you take the NSE7_OTS-6.4 practice exam with real questions and answers if you have already spent time and money studying for the Fortinet NSE7_OTS-6.4 exam. Take a free NSE7_OTS-6.4 practice test to help you prepare for the exam.

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1. You are investigating a series of incidents that occurred in the OT network over past 24 hours in FortiSIEM.

Which three FortiSIEM options can you use to investigate these incidents? (Choose three.)

2. Refer to the exhibit.

Given the configurations on the FortiGate, which statement is true?

3. An OT supervisor has configured LDAP and FSSO for the authentication. The goal is that all the users be authenticated against passive authentication first and, if passive authentication is not successful, then users should be challenged with active authentication.

What should the OT supervisor do to achieve this on FortiGate?

4. As an OT administrator, it is important to understand how industrial protocols work in an OT network.

Which communication method is used by the Modbus protocol?

5. Which three common breach points can be found in a typical OT environment? (Choose three.)

6. Refer to the exhibit.

Based on the Purdue model, which three measures can be implemented in the control area zone using the Fortinet Security Fabric? (Choose three.)

7. Refer to the exhibit.

You need to configure VPN user access for supervisors at the breach and HQ sites using the same soft FortiToken. Each site has a FortiGate VPN gateway.

What must you do to achieve this objective?

8. An OT network architect must deploy a solution to protect fuel pumps in an industrial remote network. All the fuel pumps must be closely monitored from the corporate network for any temperature fluctuations.

How can the OT network architect achieve this goal?

9. What are two benefits of a Nozomi integration with FortiNAC? (Choose two.)


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