Get Updated 700-150 Dumps To Pass Introduction to Cisco Sales Exam

Get Updated 700-150 Dumps To Pass Introduction to Cisco Sales Exam

The content of Cisco 700-150 exam is new updated. Introduction to Cisco Sales 700-150 Exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills needed by an account manager to successfully sell Cisco technology services and solutions. 700-150 Dumps cover real exam questions and answers to help you prepare for the 700-150 exam well. These 700-150 sample questions can help you clear your doubts and pass your exam.

You should try 700-150 practice test questions to assess yourself.

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1. Cisco Unified Data C e nter o f fers s o me benefits to customers. Which is not a benefit?

2. Cisco T r u stSec t e chnology uses software - defin e d segmentation to simplify the pro v isi o ning of netw or k access, accelerate security ope r ations, and consi s tently enfor c e policy any w here in the n etwork.

Which of the following is not a feature and b e nefit? A. Apply policies a c ross the netw o rk

B. I n creased ris k s

C. Lower o p erational ex p enses D. Streamline compliance

3. Cisco has a five-phased cloud plan.

Which of the following is not one of the phases? A. Cloud Native St a cks

B. Containe r s and Analytics C. Multi-clo u d managem e nt D. Application ren e wal

4. Which is a feature of the Cisco DX Series? A. accessible from any browser

B. dual screen options

C. intuitive touchscreen

D. real-time pri v ate and g roup chat

5. Which three areas represent t he focus of Cisco's vision on technology? A. virtualization, collabor a tion, and investment protection

B. digitizati o n, workplace transformation, and inn o vation

C. virtualization, investm e nt protection, and innovation

D. digitizati o n, workplace tran s formation, and investment protection

6. A variety of factors drive the target s tate of the business. Which of the following is not a factor?

7. Which C isco mobile e nd point app l ication pro v ides instant m essaging, voice and vi d eo calls, voice messaging, desktop sharing, confere n cing, and pr es ence?

8. Cisco has phones and desktop endpoints. Which of the follow i ng is an example?

9. Which networks benefit from the consistent enf o rcement poli c ies enabled by Cisco's a ppr o ach to security?

10. Which of the following are t he top three p r otecting capabilities of C i sco D ata Center? A. segment, enforce, and detect

B. enforce, segment, and access

C. detect, a u thenticate, a nd replicate D. detect, r e plicate, and access


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