Get Your CAPM Certification With Real Questions and Answers

Get Your CAPM Certification With Real Questions and Answers

PMI Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is considered as one of the highest paying certifications in the industry. You’ve come to the right place if you need assistance with CAPM exam preparation and a guarantee of passing your exam. Freetestshare provides a free CAPM practice test with real questions and answers to assist you understand the exam subjects and format. In the area, you may also practice the actual test questions online.

How about trying these CAPM exam questions and answers for free? It can help you pass the CAPM Certification Exam easily!

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1. Which task will a project manager und e r t ake while conducting Project Resource Ma n agement?

2. Which is the correct formula for calculating expected acti v ity cost for three-point estimating? A. Ce = (C0 + 6Cm + Cp ) /4

B. Ce = (6C0 + Cm + Cp)/4

C. Ce = (C0 + 4Cm + Cp ) /6

D. Ce = (C0 + C„, + 4Cp) /6

3. Soft logic i s also known as what type of dependency? A. External

B. Discretionary

C. Mandato r y D. Internal

4. Which C ollect Requi r ements output links the p roduct requi r ements to t h e deliverabl e s that satisfy


5. Which technique is used in Perfo r m Quantitative Risk Analy si s ? A. Sensitivity analysis

B. Probability and impact matrix C. Risk data quality assessment D. Risk cat e gorization

6. Which role does the pro j ect manager resemb l e best? A. Orchestra conductor

B. Facilities supervisor C. Functional manager D. School principal

7. Which of the following is the correct network diagram for t he table?

8. As the project progresses, w hich of the following is routinely collected f r om the proj ec t activities? A. Communication management activities

B. Change r equests

C. Configur a tion verification and a u dit D. W ork performance inf o rmation

9. According to the PMI T alent T riangle, leadersh i p skills re l ate to the ability to: A. understand the high-level overview of the organ i zation

B. tailor traditional and agile tools for the project

C. work with stakeholders to develop an app r opria t e project de l ivery

D. guide, motivate, and direct a team to reach proj ec t goals

10. The r u n chart crea t ed during the Perform Quality Control pr oc ess on a project is used to show the: A. relationship betwe e n two variables

B. data points plotted in t he or d er in w hich they occur

C. most common cause of p roblems in a process

D. frequency of occurren c e


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