How To Pass NetSuite ERP Consultant Exam Efficiently?

How To Pass NetSuite ERP Consultant Exam Efficiently?

NetSuite ERP Consultant Exam is the second exam required for NetSuite ERP Consultant Certification, to be taken after the SuiteFoundation Exam has been passed. Passing both the NetSuite ERP Consultant Exam and the SuiteFoundation Exam certifies that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to be a NetSuite Certified ERP Consultant. To prepare for the NetSuite ERP Consultant exam well, you can use free ERP Consultant exam qestions to assess yourself. 

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1. Which three requirements can be addressed using standard NetSuite functionality in accounting preferences?

2. A company is using the Multiple Currencies feature.

Which account type allows Revalue Open Balance for Foreign Currency Transactions?

3. Revalue inventory and update Standard Costs.

4. A NetSuite customer has an integration with Shopify. On the Shopify portal, a shopper selects goods and enters payment information at checkout.

What transaction is created through the integration?

5. Three months after going live in NetSuite, an Administrator wishes to change the Field Type of a Custom Entity field from List/Record to Multiple Select, using the same List/Record.

What should the Administrator consider before making this change?

6. Which is an alternative to assigning <NULL> values while running a CSV Import?

7. Which statement is a correct comparison of Saved Searches and Reports?

8. A company reduces overhead by not keeping stock of Item A at their warehouse. When a customer generates a Sales Order for Item A, the company generates a linked Purchase Order to a preferred vendor and can only fulfill the order upon receiving the item receipt.

Which item type meets the company’s requirements?

9. A saved search needs to return results that show the number of the Bill Payment and the Bill it is applied to.

Which Search Type and Join Relationship in the Results column (respectively) will obtain the desired result?

10. What are two (2) advantages of using the Inbound Shipment Management Tool? (Choose two.)


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