How To Pass QV12SA QlikView 12 System Administrator Certification Exam?

How To Pass QV12SA QlikView 12 System Administrator Certification Exam?

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1. A QlikView Server is using more than 93% of its total memory. Users report slow performance when working within a QlikView document. The Working Set Low value is 70% and the Working Set High value is 90%.

What is causing the performance issue on the server?

2. Two users are developers and only work on one QlikView document at a time. The developers must be able to use the Qlikview Desktop Client for development and the AccessPoint for testing.

Which is the most cost effective CAL configuration to meet the requirements?

3. A QlikView document contains Section Access and reduces the data to the users based on usernames When opening the documents all users are still able to see all data without any reductions.

Which QlikView Desktop setting is causing this result?

4. In order to enable Unbalanced QlikView Server Clustering which two tiles must be edited? (Select two)

5. A system administrator tests a QlikView Server deployment to confirm connectivity between a web browser and the QlikView Server The test fails because connectivity to the AccessPoint maintains a loading content state. All QlikView services are running properly and there are NO error messages in any log files.

What should the administrator do to correct the problem?

6. A system administrator wants to configure a SAN folder to store User Documents. The administrator wants to use NTFS to allow all users access to the QlikView documents.

Which permission should the administrator grant on the SAN folder?

7. QlikView users report that when they open the AccessPoint the webpage displays the error messageNo server. The AccessPoint is installed on a server in the DMZ. Both the QlikView Server service and the QlikView Management Service are installed on a single server behind a firewall. The QlikView Server service is running and is working in the QMC.

A system administrator pings the AccessPoint server from the QMC server command-line and receives this response: Request rimed out

What are two likely causes of the error message? (Select two.)

8. An organization needs all employees lo have access to data in a QlikView document for the country in which employees are located.The deployment only has a Reload Engine.

What should the system administrator do?

9. There is a QlikView document with separate "City" and "State" fields A system administrator needs to create separate QVW documents each with a singular "City and State" field.

Which method should the system administrator use?

10. A QlikView server environment is restarted multiple limes. The system administrator finds this message in the QlikView Server event logs:

Restart: Server aborted trying to recover by restart. Reason for restart: Phoenix detected:

Performance monitor stuck.

Which are threepossible causes for this error? (Select three)


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