QV12BA QlikView 12 Business Analyst Certification Exam Dumps

QV12BA QlikView 12 Business Analyst Certification Exam Dumps

QV12BA QlikView 12 Business Analyst Certification Exam Dumps are valuable for your preparation which test your skills in Gather and Interpret Requirements,Identify and Analyze Data Sources and  Design and Develop the QlikView Application User Interface. The QlikView Business Analyst Certification Exam measures your knowledge of interface design of QlikView applications. You are guaranteed to pass your QV12BA exam if you study well in QV12BA QlikView 12 Business Analyst Certification Exam Dumps.

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1. A business analyst creates a document with sales data for different regions, products, and salespeople. The analyst needs to create an object that will show the percentage of the total sales when one or more values are selected.

Which two objects can the analyst use to meet these requirements? (Select two.)

2. A business analyst has a ProductCode field that contains the value 'AB1980T60'.

Which is the correct expression to extract all the numbers from this string?

3. Refer to the exhibit

A customer has loaded the two tables and then added the script:

What will be the result?

4. Two of the tables in the QlikView data model are InvoiceHeader (one million rows) and InvoiceDetail (nine million rows) InvoicelD links the two Invoice tables.

This expression is used several times in the QlikView application, count (distinct invoiceiT)

How can a business analyst optimize this expression for use in the application?

5. A business analyst needs to visualize the sales of products by product category, product sub-category, and product name. The analyst would like to see the relative sales by product hierarchy without using a drill-down dimension.

Which chart type should the analyst use?

6. A customer specified that the QlikView application should be designed to fit a screen resolution of 1280 x 800 as a standard.

Which option will assist a business analyst while creating the user interface?

7. Refer to the exhibit.

The Sales table shown represents the entire data set A business analyst adds an expression in a document:

Next, the analyst selects Year = '2010' and RegionID = '2.

What is the result of the expression with these selections?

8. A data model contains 1 billion records and a straight table renders all of the data at the most granular level. The business users do NOT need all of the detailed information. The business analyst needs to improve the rendering time of the straight table.

Which two approaches should the analyst use? (Select two)

9. What are two ways to calculate the Sales for the ProductCategory. Shoes? {Select two)

10. Refer to the exhibit

A business analyst needs to present the actual sales of the current year in a KPI on a dashboard. The expression in the Text field is NOT working

Which two changes will correct the expression? (Select two)


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