How To Pass RHCE Certification EX294 Exam Successfully?

How To Pass RHCE Certification EX294 Exam Successfully?

EX294 Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 exam is one of the popular Red Hat certification exam, which mainly tests your knowledge and skill in managing multiple systems using Red Hat Ansible Engine and executing common system administration tasks across a number of systems with Ansible. If you want to pass EX294 Red Hat certification exam, you can choose EX294 dumps online to make sure you can practice EX294 questions and answers before attending the actual test. You will enjoy the best learning experience with EX294 dumps.

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Create a playbook /home/bob /ansible/motd.yml that runs on all inventory hosts and docs the following: The playbook should replaee any existing content of/etc/motd in the following text. Use ansible facts to display the FQDN of each host

On hosts in the dev host group the line should be "Welcome to Dev Server FQDN".

On hosts in the webserver host group the line should be "Welcome to Apache Server FQDN".

On hosts in the database host group the line should be "Welcome to MySQL Server FQDN".


Create a file in/home/sandy/ansible/calledreport.yml.Using this playbook, get a filecalled report.txt(make it look exactly as below). Copy this file over to all remote hosts at

/root/report.txt.Then edit the lines in the file to provide the real informationofthehosts. Ifa disk does not exist then write NONE.


Install and configure ansible

Userbobhas been created on your control node. Give him the appropriate permissions on thecontrol node. Install the necessary packages to run ansible on the control node.

Create a configuration file /home/bob/ansible/ansible.cfg to meet the following requirements:

The roles path should include /home/bob/ansible/roles, as well as any otherpath that may be required for the course of the sample exam.

The inventory file path is /home/bob/ansible/inventory.

Ansible should be able to manage 10 hosts at a single time.

Ansible should connect to all managed nodes using the bobuser.

Create an inventory file for the following five nodes:

Configure these nodes to be in an inventory file where node1 is a member of groupdev. nodc2 is a member of group test, nodc3 is a member of groupproxy,nodc4 and node 5 are members of groupprod.Also,prodis a member of group webservers.


Create a playbook called regulartasks.yml which has the system that append the date to /root/datefile every day at noon. Name is job 'datejob'


Create a file calledrequirements.ymlin/home/sandy/ansible/rolesa file calledrole.yml in /home/sandy/ansible/.Thehaproxy-roleshould be used on theproxyhost. And when you curlhttp://node3.example.comit should display "Welcome" and when you curl again "Welcome"Thephp-roleshould be used on theprod host.


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