Try Free Red Hat Ansible EX447 Practice Exam Questions

Try Free Red Hat Ansible EX447 Practice Exam Questions

Red Hat Certified Engineer Specialist in Advanced Automation: Ansible Best Practices exam (EX447) is a performance-based test of your knowledge and skill in managing multiple systems using Red Hat Ansible Engine and Red Hat Ansible Tower. EX447 practice test is available to assist you in expanding your Ansible knowledge and preparing for the EX447 Exam. FreeTestShare EX447 dumps offer 100% real exam questions and answers that you’ll encounter on the real EX447 exam.

To put your skills to the test, try EX447 free practice questions!

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Create a playbook calledwebdev.ymlin'home/sandy/ansible. The playbook will create a directory Avcbdev on dev host. The permission of the directory are 2755 and owner is webdev. Create a symbolic link from/Webdevto /var/www/html/webdev. Serve a file from Avebdev7index.html which displays the text "Development" Curl test


Create a role called sample-apache and store it in /home/bob/ansible/roles.

The role should satisfy the following requirements:

* In the role, install and enable httpd. Also enable the firewall to allow http. Also run the template

* index.html.j2 and make sure this runs Create a template index.html.j2that displays "Welcome to the server HOSTNAME"

In a play called apache.yml in /home/bob/ansible/ run the sample-apache role.


Create an ansible vault password file calledlock.ymlwith the passwordreallysafepwin the /home/sandy/ansibledirectory. In the lock.yml file define two variables. One ispw_devand the password is 'dev' and the otherpwis_mgrand the password is 'mgr' Create a regular file calledsecret.txtwhich contains the password for lock.yml.


Create a file called mysecret.yml on the control host using ansible vault in home/bob/ansible. Set the password to 'notasafepass' and inside the file create avariable called dev_pass with the value of devops. Save the file. Then go back in the file and change dev_pass value to devops123. Then change the vault password of mysecret.yml to verysafepass


Create a file calledpackages.yml in/home/sandy/ansibleto install some packages for the following hosts. On dev, prod and webservers install packages httpd, mod_ssl, and mariadb. On dev only install the development tools package. Also, on dev host update all the packages tothe latest.


Create a playbook /home/bob/ansible/timesync.yml that runs on hosts in the webservers host group and does the following:

• Uses thetimesync RHEL system role.

• Sets the ntp server to

• Sets the timezone to UTC

7. Tail the contents of the targets /var/log/messages file.


Create a playbookthatchanges the default target onallnodes tomulti-usertarqet. Do this in playbook file called target.yml in /home/sandy/ansible


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