ISTQB Advanced Level Test Automation Engineer CTAL-TAE Dumps Questions

ISTQB Advanced Level Test Automation Engineer CTAL-TAE Dumps Questions

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1. You are using a gTAA to create a TAS for a project. The TAS is aimed specifically at automating a suit of existing manual test cases for standalone desktop applications. All the interfaces between the TAS and SUT will be from the CUI of the application.

Which of the following layers of the gTAA should you focus on for the TAS?

2. Your goal is to verify completeness, consistency and correct behavior of an automated test suite. The TAS has been proven to successfully install in the SUT environment. All the preliminary checks to verify the correct functioning of the automated test environment and test tool configuration, installation and setup have successfully completed.

Which of the following is NOT a relevant check for achieving your goal in this scenario?

3. You have been asked todeterminea TAS for a new release of a SUT, test should be automatedwherever. The new release will consist of 5 new interfaces and an amendment to 3 existing interfaces. The new and amended interface will be deliver incrementally in 3 sprints, each lasting 2 weeks.

What would be the BEST Test Automation Solution (TAS) design in this scenario?

4. Which of the following is NOT an advantage of test automation?

5. Which of the following BEST describes why it is important to separate test definition from test execution in a TAA?

6. You identified a suitable project to pilot an automation tool and planned and conduced a pilot. The pilot has been successful and tool Is being deployed within your organization, with a plan to increase tool use by the one project at a time. During this rollout some test processes will be changed slightly to gain additional benefits from using the tool.

In the pilot project, a small set of manual tests were automated for the first time. You are currently monitoring the test automation efficiency and this reveals that the automationregimefor the tests is not yet mature.

Which of the following statements is TRUE?

7. A regression test suite consist of 500 test cases which are all executed manually. The business case for a pilot project is based on the adoption of test automation using a commercial tool that will reduce the execution time by a factor of 90% for 100% of the tests in the regression test suite. The pilot project lasted one month ( as planned) and you are currently its results. At the end of the pilot project, 40% of the regression tests have been automated and their execution time has been reduce by 60%.

Which of the following statements is TRUE in this scenario?

8. You are currently designing the TAA of a TAS. You have been asked to adopt an approach for automatically generating and executing test cases from a model that defines the SUT. The SUT is a state-based and event-driven that is described by a finite-state machine and exposes its functionality via an API. The behavior of the SUT depends on hardware and communication links that can be unreliable.

Which of the following aspects is MOST important when designing the TAA in this scenario?

9. Consider a SUT that small run on multiple platform during the execution of automated test runs. In each test run an automated test suite needs to be executed, with the same version of the TAF, against the same version of the SUT of each platform. Each platform shall have its own dedicated test environment. Your goal is to implement a process as automated as possible ( i.e with minimal manual intervention) that allows implementing a consistent setup of the TAS across the multiple test environments.

Which two of the following aspects are MOST relevant for achieving your goal in this scenario?

✑ The configuration of the TAS uses automated installation scripts

✑ The TAF saves the logs needed to debug errors in XML format

C) Features of the TAF not used by the automated tests have been tested

D) All the automated test cases contain the expected results

E) The TAS components are under configuration management

10. Which of the following statement about the implementation of automated regression testing is FALSE?


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