ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level CTFL-AuT Dumps Questions

ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level CTFL-AuT Dumps Questions

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1. Imagine you are participating in an Automotive SPICE® assessment In your rote as a software tester, and you receive the Information that your process has been assessed with ‘’P" on process attribute PA1.1 at capability level 1.

Which meaning it correct?

2. In the release process, which of the following work products. Information and documents are the typical output of the tester?

3. Which statement regarding the design of a MIL test environment Is TRUE?

4. As a unit tester (.module tester’’) you are working on a project and are supposed to develop a test strategy.

Which of the following test and analysis procedures is. according to Automotive SPIC® NOT an appropriate clamant of a verification strategy for unit tests (software units), which ware "manually coded"?

Note The components to verify are non-safety relevant and safely relevant (up to ASlL-C) components

5. Which of the following statements regarding MIL test environments is true?

6. Which of the following options Is NOT a general part of a test environment?

7. Which statement regarding the operating conditions and comparison of test environments is true?

8. You are working as a .module tester* (syn. unit tester, component tester) in an automotive project for the development of a control unit for an electric window. During white-box lest design, you come atomic requirements: B1 AND (B2 OR B3). The task for you is to design test cases according to the principle of the modified condition/decision testing (MOOC).

You have already designed three test cases:

1) B1 = TRUE, B2 = TRUE, B3 = FALSE

2) B1 = TRUE, B2 = FALSE, B3 = TRUE

3) B1 = FALSE, B2 = TRU, B3 = FALSE

Which of the following test cases is necessary to achieve 100% modified condition/decision coverage?

9. Which statement regarding the objective of ASPICE and ISO 26262 Is true?

10. You are a tester In a learn and you are supposed to test diagnostic functions and bus communications on the CAN bus. The development team provides you with compiled software code and control unit hardware.

Which test environment Is the best choice considering the test types?


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