Try EADP19-001 Practice Exam To Pass ArcGIS Desktop Professional 19-001

Try EADP19-001 Practice Exam To Pass ArcGIS Desktop Professional 19-001

Plan to take your EADP19-001 ArcGIS Desktop Professional 19-001 exam? ArcGIS Desktop Professional exam tests the candidate’s experience applying ArcGIS concepts and processes to workflows. We created this online EADP19-001 Practice Exam to help you prepare for the ArcGIS Desktop Professional 19-001 exam. It resembles the actual exam pattern and objectives. All of the questions are comparable to the ones you’ll see on the EADP19-001 test. Our online EADP19-001 Practice Exam teaches you the skills you’ll need to pass the EADP19-001 exam.

To pass the EADP19-001 exam on the first attempt, try free practice exam first.

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1. An ArcGlS user is given a populated geodatabase thai contains a few highly accurate feature classes and a few feature classes that are less accurate.

When designing a geodatabase topology, which coordinate rank should be assigned to feature classes of less accuracy when compared with feature classes of higher accuracy?

2. Upon opening a model In ModelBuilder. one 01 the tools has a repair icon next to it.

How can the model be repaired?

3. An ArcGIS user needs to create a map of flood zones for an insurance company.

The user has a choice of four elevation data sets to perform the analysis

• SRTM 90-meter DEM

• Lidar 5-meter DEM

• 30-meter DEM derived from stereo imagery

Which type of elevation dataset will create the most accurate flood zones?

4. What is the most efficient way for an ArcGlS user to modify the projection for data in a non-standard coordinate system (undefined in ArcGlS) to align with data in a standard coordinate system?

5. A raster dataset called rasterl.tif contains many pixels with values of NoData.

Which map algebra expression changes NoData values to 0 (zero) in the output raster dataset while leaving all other pixel values the same?

6. A representation layer has been defined using the option to save changes to the geometry of the supporting feature. If the geometry of the feature is modified using the tools from the Representation toolbar, what will be modified?

7. An image that is displayed as draped over a digital elevation model (DEM) in ArcGlobe appears to be overly pixilated.

Which property should be changed to make the image appear smoother?

8. An ArcGIS user runs a geoprocessing tool and wants to create code in the Python window that repeats the process.

In which two ways can the user generate Python code from the results window? (Choose two)

9. Data in the state of Louisiana has the projection defined as WGS 1984 UTM Zone 15S. The user knows that this area of Louisiana is located m UTM Row S. When added to ArcMap with other data that draws in the correct location the data with the Zone 15S definition draws in the vicinity of the North Pole.

What is wrong with the projection definition?

10. An ArcGlS user receives two shapefiles that are defined with the same projection and represent features in the same study area. When they are displayed together in ArcMap. the difference of their locations in coordinate space is so large that they are barely visible when viewed at their full extent.

How can the user determine whether the projections of the shapefiles are correctly defined?


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