Try Free Piping Inspector API-570 Dumps Questions

Try Free Piping Inspector API-570 Dumps Questions

Are you planning to take API-570 Piping Inspector exam? Certified API 570 Piping inspectors must have a broad knowledge base relating to maintenance, inspection, alteration and repair of in-service metallic piping systems. The API 570 examination is designed to determine if applicants have such knowledge. You can choose FreeTestShare Piping Inspector API-570 Dumps Questions to best prepare for your exam, it will improve your confidence to pass your API-570 exam on your first attempt.

Try free API-570 practice exam.

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1. What is the maximum length allowed for individual slag trapped in a weld in a Severe Cyclic Conditions piping system?

2. When testing cast iron pipe which of the following methods should not be used?

3. Is the thickness range on the WPS supported by the PQR?

4. API 570 covers the inspection of__________.

5. What is the pressure design thickness of NPS 10, A516 Gr.65 Type 22 pipe that operate at 1200 psig/750°F

6. What is the minimum lifting power of an AC electromagnetic yoke used in magnetic particle inspection?

7. Exemptions for preheating and post weld heat treatment must be approved by the____.

8. A piping system that operates at a design pressure of 100 psi at 950? F was originally built from NPS 20 EFW (100% radiographed), ½” wall, A-516 Grade 70, A-671 material. During the last Inspection, the thickness was determined to be 0.370 inches. The records indicated the corrosion rate to be 0.009 inches per year.

What is MAWP if the next inspection is planned in 5 years?

9. When heat treating welded joints between dissimilar ferritic metals, the temperature range shall be for which metal?

10. What is the working pressure of a 150 Ib. flange, SA 350 Gr.LF6 CL 1, used at 400°F?


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