Update CIA Exam Part 1 IIA-CIA-Part1 Exam Dumps Questions

Update CIA Exam Part 1 IIA-CIA-Part1 Exam Dumps Questions

CIA Exam Part 1 IIA-CIA-Part1 Exam Dumps Questions must be used to thoroughly prepare for the CIA Exam Part One: Essentials of Internal Auditing Exam.  This material will assist you in determining the types of questions and topics that will be covered on the IIA-CIA-Part1 test.  You will be able to pass the IIA-CIA-Part1 exam with flying colors if you use our practice questions and answers. FreeTestShare CIA Exam Part 1 IIA-CIA-Part1 Exam Dumps Questions includes real questions and answers, which have been corrected and updated to ensure that they are true and valid.

You can now use this free IIA-CIA-Part1 practice test to evaluate your preparation.

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1. An organization s board of directors has decided that the internal audit activity must have greater access to different pans of the organization in order to perform their assurance work effectively.

Which of !he following areas is the board seeking to improve by making this change?

2. An internal auditor has suspicions that some fictitious vendors have been created in the organization's computer system.

Which of the following would be the best technique to detect this fraud?

3. Which of the following best describes the risk contained in an initial public offering for a new stock?

4. Which of the following activities best ensures that internal auditors grow professionally in alignment with current industry trends to meet the expectations of primary stakeholders?

5. An internal auditor performed a risk assessment and concluded that the controls over access privileges to a bank account were appropriate. Later, the auditor learned that a contractor was using a shared password provided by an authorized user of the account.

Which of the following statements best describes the auditor's application of due professional care?

6. In the COSO internal control framework, which of the following components serves as the foundation for the other components?

7. Which of the following specifications in an internal audit charter is the most important factor in the internal audit activity’s independence?

8. Which of the following best describes a purpose for the internal audit charter?

9. According to the 11A Code of Ethics, which of the following is required with regard to communicating results?

10. Which of the following best describes the internal audit activity's contribution to the implementation of the risk management framework?


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