2022 Free Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification Dumps Questions

2022 Free Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification Dumps Questions

Do you want to be able to pass the Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant exam with flying colors? FreeTestShare Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification Dumps Questions cover 100% real exam questions and answers to help you pass the exam fast! These Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Certification Dumps Questions can help you clear your doubts and prepare for the exam. This free practice test can now be used to assess your preparation. Here you will find a complete Service Cloud Consultant dump to help you pass on the first try!

Here are free Service Cloud Consultant practice exam for you to test yourself!

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1. Customers can contact Universal Appliances to report problems with their appliances within

30 days of delivery. Support agents need quick-view-only access to an external database the stores over 100,000 known product bugs logged by the product engineers .

Which solution should a consultant design to meet this requirement? (Choose 2)

2. Universal containers has implemented salesforce service cloud with the goal of reducing the number of escalated case for contact center .

What metric should a contact center manager use to analyze this?

3. The VP of Service at Universal Containers wants to make it easier and faster for support reps to send knowledge articles to the customer.

What should a consultant configure to satisfy this request?

4. What are two benefits of deploying Knowledge in Customer Communities?

5. Universal Containers would like for article to be different channel for social interactions.

What solution should a consultant recommend?

6. UC is in the process of implementing Service Cloud. In which order should the data be migrated?

7. Customer support agents want the ability to view customer related information along with case information on all cases except product related cases. For product related cases, the agents want to view product information alongside case information.

How should the console be configured to satisfy this requirement?

8. An outsourced contact center is losing part-time agents to a nearby contact center that promotes flexible scheduling .

Which method can be used to improve agent retention? Choose 2 answers:

9. Universal Containers has determined that case list views are slow to load because of the large number of cases in the system.

Which two actions will improve the performance of the list views? Choose 2 answers

10. Universal Containers is migrating from Classic Knowledge to Lightning Knowledge using the Lightning Knowledge Migration Tool and noticed that none of the Article file attachments were migrated .

How can a Consultant migrate the file attachments?


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