Tips To Pass Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant Exam

Tips To Pass Salesforce Field Service Lightning Consultant Exam

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Here we prepared some sample exam questions, you may have a try.

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1. universal containers operates in a highly regulated industry technician must conduct quarterly inspections for all customers in their region each inspection should be completed within a single visit and include all installed assets on site

Which two maintenance plan settings should the consultant recommend? Choose 2 answers

2. which work rule should a field service lightning consultant use to assign service resources based on related object records?

3. A customer wants to return a defective product instead of scheduling a Service Appointment.

How should this product be tracked in Salesforce Field Service?

4. Universal containers wants to reduce field service-related costs by cutting overtime pay and fuel expenses for internal employees when scheduling all service appointments.

Which two customizations should the consultant recommend to meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers

5. Upon arrival for a Service Appointment, the Field Service Technician reports that a team of people is required to resolve the issue.

How can the Dispatcher ensure that the required staff is assigned to the project?

6. When the universal container UC technician installed a product at a customer site the technician must perform all future work for that customer

Which process should the consultant use to meet the requirements?

7. An employee at Universal Containers performs the role of a Dispatcher and a Technician.

How should a Consultant configure Salesforce Field Service to support this behavior?

8. A Field Service Technician wants to view a list of parts consumed during a given time period. The Technician will then use the data to replenish inventory on the truck .

Which three steps should a Consultant recommend to track the number of parts consumed? Choose 3 answers.

9. the dispatcher at universal containers wants wants to schedule service appointment from the dispatch console while taking the scheduling policy into consideration

Which three options are available to dispatchers?

10. Universal Containers wants Field Technicians to capture customer authorization via a signature through Salesforce mobile app.

What should a Consultant recommend?


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