71801X Avaya Messaging Support Certified Exam Questions

71801X Avaya Messaging Support Certified Exam Questions

The Avaya 71801X exam, also known as the Avaya Messaging Support Certified Exam, is a certification exam for individuals who wish to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in Avaya messaging systems and their ability to support and troubleshoot these systems.

To prepare for the 71801X exam, 71801X Avaya Messaging Support Certified Exam Questions are a great way to prepare for the 71801X exam. These exams provide an opportunity to test your knowledge and identify areas where you may need additional study. 71801X exam questions are recommended for preparation along with studying Avaya official documentation.

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1. When using distributed VSN configuration, how many advanced users can an entire Avaya IX™ Messaging solution support?

2. What is the function of the Secure Mobilink service on the Avaya IX™ Messaging Consolidated Server?

3. In Avaya IX™ Messaging High Availability, VSN is designed to support up to how many SIP ports?

4. A customer has Avaya IX"' Messaging installed and wants to modify the ETSIPService.ini file to enable TLS security. In which folder is the ETSIPService.ini file located on the voice server hard drive?

5. Which tool can be used to configure the parameters for Avaya IX™ Messaging to integrate with PBX?

6. Running Carbonite Availability backup software requires additional space on the IXM Drive.

Which statement about running Carbonite Availability is true?

7. From how many users does Avaya recommend to use High Availability?

8. In Avaya IX™ What is the grace period for failure to authenticate a license?

9. If SR140 fax port licenses are present, how many FAX channels are supported by Avaya IX,M Messaging?

10. Which feature allows you to increase the security level of voicemail and faxes that are transferred via email by storing all the files on the local server?


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