Avaya ACIS 77201X Actual Test Questions and Answers

Avaya ACIS 77201X Actual Test Questions and Answers

To aid all candidates, FreeTestShare provides 100 percent authentic Avaya ACIS 77201X actual test questions and answers that will not only help you pass the Avaya IP Office Platform Implement Certified Exam, but will also turn you into a technical specialist, allowing you to work at the top level in the industry. The most recent 77201X questions and answers are based on the exam objectives and are intended to assist you in passing the Avaya 77201X exam. The 77201X Questions & Answers cover all of the exam’s knowledge elements. The entire 77201X questions and answers that will help you pass the Avaya 77201X exam in the first attempt.

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1. A user wants to login to one-X® Portal to make and answer calls.

Using a web browser, what is the correct syntax to access one-X® Portal for Avaya IP Office server?

2. On an Avaya IP Office solution, which two licenses can be used for one-X® Mobile? (Choose two.)

3. To deny long distance calls made in After Hours on an Avaya IP Office, which two steps are necessary? (Choose two.)

4. Which Avaya IP Office Edition license enables up to 2500 users for Voicemail Pro?

5. When configuring an Avaya IP Office Server Edition installation, which application offers access to the Installation Wizard?

6. On an Avaya IP Office solution, if the first targeted hunt group is out of service, which hunt group feature will send all calls automatically to another destination?

7. When manually setting up an IP telephone on an Avaya IP Office solution, which setting represents the IP address of the Avaya IP Office?

8. SoftConsole is a PC-based Windows application for Avaya IP Office.

Which license is required?

9. An IP500 V2 control unit has 12 DS30 external expansion modules configured.

What is the maximum number of physical PRI trunk ports that can be configured?

10. In an IP Office configuration some users are granted individual user rights.

How would an administrator notice these settings?


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