Try Avaya ACIS 71301X Sample Exam Questions and Answers

Try Avaya ACIS 71301X Sample Exam Questions and Answers

To help you best prepare for 71301X Avaya Aura Communication Applications Implement Certified Exam, you should get FreeTestShare Avaya ACIS 71301X Sample Exam Questions and Answers to pass in the first try.  The best training tools for the 71301X exam can be found on the Internet. It may not only assist you in passing the 71301X test, but it can also help you develop your knowledge and abilities. FreeTestShare provides the best quality 71301X  questions and answers to make your preparation process simply because they are designed to help you pass your Avaya 71301X exam on the first try.

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1. Which statement about enabling IM and Presence for a user is true?

2. In the Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE), before a traffic carrying Network Interface (A1 or B1) can be pinged, to which state do you have to toggle the status on Device Specific Settings > Network Management / Interfaces?

3. Which three functionalities does WebRTC provide? (Choose three.)

4. In Avaya Aura® Communication Manager (CM) for TSAPI, which type of CTI-link needs to be configured?

5. Which statement describes Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)?

6. The media stream in WebRTC is anchored on which Avaya Aura® component?

7. In Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE) 7.x, which two configuration screens must be configured for Personal Profile Management (PPM) to be successfully downloaded to an Avaya SIP Telephone (AST)? (Choose two.)

8. Which Avaya Breeze™ Cluster type is the Avaya Aura® Presence Services snap-in installed on?

9. The Avaya WebRTC solution uses the web intensively to make media calls from a standard web browser in the internet, into internal and secure communication premises in the enterprise.

Which statement about security between the Enterprise-edge and those standard Web browsers in the internet is true?

10. Which statement about Avaya Aura® Presence Services 7.x snap-in licensing is true?


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